[Can loofah and kelp be eaten together]_ 胜 瓜 _ 同 吃

[Can loofah and kelp be eaten together]_ 胜 瓜 _ 同 吃

Kelp and loofah are good ingredients for soup. They can also be eaten together without any food.

The kelp soup is delicious whether it is held alone or with pork ribs; loofah soup has the effect of clearing heat and catching fire, and it has a strong effect on people with fire and hemorrhoids.

Soup is one of our common cooking methods. Next, I will introduce some common soup practices, such as mung bean soup, red date soup, and so on.

1.Seaweed soup Korean women drink seaweed soup after giving birth, thinking that this can eliminate postpartum blood stasis and lower breast milk.

How to eat: first soak the kelp and wash it, add water to the pot, then put the Shanghai belt, and then cook with Korean miso. The kelp can be eaten after it is cooked.

If you can add pork trotters, pig tail bones, etc. after cooking together, the effect is better.

2.Loofah soup Loofah 250 grams, wash, remove the head, cut into small pieces, add water to the pot and boil, after boiling, you can drink in portions.

Patients with cough and sputum, blood in the stool, blood in the urine, hemorrhoids and other patients with obesity.

3.Onion jujube soup 20 big red dates, 7 onion white.

Soak the red dates in water and wash the onion (with whiskers) for later use.

Put the red dates in the pot, add water and boil with Wuhuo. After about 20 minutes, add the onion white and continue to simmer for 10 minutes.

It has the effect of nourishing qi and nourishing blood and soothe the nerves.

Can treat neurasthenia, insomnia and more dreams, memory loss, poor appetite, etc.

4.Autumn pear white soup soup autumn pear 1?
2 pieces of fresh white lotus roots, 2 knots.

Pears are washed and chopped, pitted, and knotted.

Put water in a small saucepan and fry for thick juice, add rock sugar or honey, mix well, and substitute for tea.

It can treat complications such as lung-heat cough, yellow phlegm, dry throat, dry mouth, and hemoptysis of tuberculosis.

5.Sour plum soup 150 grams of plum (or take the commercially available plum powder), the amount of sugar or rock sugar.

Put the plums in the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, boil and simmer.

Filter the juice through gauze, add sugar or rock sugar, stir well, and drink immediately after cooling.

It is used to treat heat and thirst, cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, biliary ascariasis, liver disease and so on.

6.Mung bean soup 200 grams of mung beans, 100 grams of plum and sugar.

Put mung beans and sauerkraut in a pot and add an appropriate amount of water to boil.

After the mung beans and sour plums are cooked, add sugar, stir well, and drink cold.

It can clear the heat of the summer, relieve swelling, and is suitable for patients with hypertension, hyperlipidemia, cholecystitis, and cholelithiasis.

7.White ear fungus with white fungus and black fungus each with 10 grams.

Soak the fungus in warm water, wash it, put it in a small bowl, add water and rock sugar, place the bowl in a steamer, and steam for about 1 hour.

Drink soup 2 times a day and eat with fungus.

Shuang Ear Decoction has the functions of reducing blood pressure and removing fat, nourishing blood and stopping bleeding, and preventing cancer.

[Can pregnant women eat fresh lotus seeds?

]_Pregnancy_Can you eat

[Can pregnant women eat fresh lotus seeds?
]_Pregnancy_Can you eat

Once women are pregnant, diet adjustment is the most important. The diet should follow the principle of lightness. Usually, they should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. In early pregnancy, they should eat more apples, bananas and grapefruits.In the second trimester, you can eat kiwi, cherries, and lemons. Can you eat fresh lotus seeds during pregnancy?

Can pregnant women eat fresh lotus seeds?
The answer is yes, pregnant women can eat lotus seeds, and the efficacy of lotus seeds is still possible for pregnant women.

Lotus seeds are good for your heart, but you should n’t eat more. It is recommended to make lotus seeds into porridge while eating, the effect will be better.

And remember, when putting lotus seeds, it is best to put them in moderation, not too much.

Lotus seeds can be eaten when they are born, but for pregnant women, it is best to eat cooked lotus seeds. This way, the nutritional value is high and it is good for attracting.

If you do not want to make porridge, you can also use lotus seeds to drink water. This effect is also possible, but pay attention to the absorption of drinking water, do not overdo it, causing excessive urine and loss of potassium in the body.

Fresh lotus seeds are not recommended for pregnant women, or they need to eat a few cooked ones. In this way, the porridge is delicious.

You can also add lotus seeds for soup.

Many pregnant mothers have heard that eating fruit is good for the fetus, so they eat more fruit, and even replace fruit with dinner. This is wrong.

Compared with vegetables, the cellulose content in fruits is actually not high. Too much supplementation of fruits instead of eating vegetables will directly reduce the fiber intake of pregnant women and easily lead to constipation.

In addition, the protein and trace content in fruits are reduced. If you eat more fruits and affect the transfer of vegetables and meals, it will be detrimental to the development of the uterus, placenta and breast.

There are also disadvantages if pregnant women eat a lot of fruits while ensuring that the meal is absorbed.

Pregnant women exercise less, gain weight continuously, and many fruits have high sugar content. If eaten in large quantities after a meal, it may cause pregnant women to increase blood sugar, metabolic disorders, and may cause gestational diabetes, which will affect both the mother and the plasma.Causes serious harm.

Therefore, pregnant women should eat moderate amounts of fruit.

Aojiahua (002614): The rapid growth of domestic sales of massage chairs meets expectations

Aojiahua (002614): The rapid growth of domestic sales of massage chairs meets expectations

Guide to this report: The company benefited from the increased penetration rate of massage chairs, with net profit attributable to mothers in 20184.

390,000 yuan, an increase of 27 in ten years.

22%, performance in line with expectations, of which domestic growth is rapid, maintain “overweight” rating, target price of 23.

70 yuan.

Investment highlights: The company’s 2018 and first quarter performance growth in line with expectations, maintaining the “overweight” rating with a target price of 23.

70 yuan.

We believe the company benefited from the increased penetration of massage chairs and achieved revenue of 54 in 2018.

470,000 yuan, an increase of 26 in ten years.

86%, net profit of 3699 in the first quarter of 2019.

870,000 yuan, an increase of 30 in ten years.


In 2018, the sales revenue of massage chairs reached 20.

96 ppm, an increase of 62 in ten years.


Domestic products of the company12.

740,000 yuan, an increase of 75 in ten years.


Maintain the estimated EPS for 2019-2021 to be 1.

02, 1.


88 yuan, maintain “overweight” rating, target price of 23.

70 yuan.

Company massage chair sales revenue 20.

96 ppm, an increase of 62 in ten years.


The company benefited from the increase in the penetration rate of massage chairs. The main independent brand “OGAWA” exerted its efforts in all channels online and in 2015-2017.

4.1 billion, 8.

1.7 billion, 12.

8.7 billion, an increase of -8.

09%, 10.

28%, 57.

46% of the company’s massage chair sales revenue in 201820.

9.6 billion, becoming the company’s largest category, accounting for 34% of the company’s sales revenue.

48%, an annual increase of 62.

86%, continued to maintain rapid growth.

The domestic market is growing rapidly, growing by 75 per year.

33%, some foreign markets broke through.

The company benefits from the continuous increase in the penetration rate of the domestic massage chair market and the rapid growth of the market. The company achieved sales revenue in China from 成都桑拿网 2015 to 20175.100 million, 4.

4.5 billion, 7.

27 trillion increased by -2.

63%, -12.

57%, 63.

18%, the company’s domestic sales of products in 201812.

740,000 yuan, an increase of 75 in ten years.


In terms of foreign markets, the US market and the Korean market have grown rapidly. The Korean market has invested nearly 30 million US dollars in ODM massage chair business, an increase of 162% over the same period, and the sales of ODM massage chair business in the United States has increased by more than 54%.

As for offline stores, as of 2018, Ogawa has 846 global stores, including 573 domestic stores.

Catalyst: Sharing massage chairs further promotes domestic penetration and increases risks Tips: Macroeconomic pressures have weakened consumer demand for massage chairs

CV Source (002841): Smart screen display in multi-dimensional scenes

CV Source (002841): Smart screen display in multi-dimensional scenes
Company profile: Intelligent interactive faucet with screen as the carrier.The company is a smart interactive solution service provider with display and control technology as its core. It has independent research and development capabilities, and its three core products, TV board, Seewo, and MAXHUB, each account for 50% of revenue.8% / 33.4% / 3.8%, and are the first cities with the largest number of mergers in the subdivided fields (respectively: global 35% / mainland China interactive tablet China mainland conference tablet 25.4%).Driven by TV boards and interactive tablets, the annual revenue / net profit CAGR reached 46.7% / 52.6%.The company adopts the sales model of “customer prepays first and then pays” (prepay part of the payment when placing an order and pay the balance before delivery), so the operating leverage with high property rights (payable + 75% of debts receivable +),Partially outstanding industries. Industry analysis: Multi-scenario extension, large screen market.1) LCD TV card: The industry growth is slowing down, and the increase of smart TV card penetration is the main increase.According to IHS statistics, the volume of global LCD TVs in 2018 is about 2.2.5 billion units, an increase of 2.3%.2) Intelligent interactive tablet: Multi-scenario extension of the large screen market, of which: ① Calculate about 1000 trillion interactive tablet market space in the field of education, the application scenarios gradually extended from schools to training institutions; ② business conference field: still in the early stages of developmentThe demand is increasing year by year. It is estimated that the overall conference interactive tablet market size will increase from 45 trillion in the next three years to 35.7 billion in 2021 (implied assumptions: ① the penetration rate will increase from 2018 to 4).0%; ② the number of meeting rooms increased by 7.4%). Competitive advantage: R & D-based, mechanism-driven.1) R & D capabilities are advanced, and technical talent reserves are developed for a long time.Of the 3597 employees in 2018, 59 were technical personnel.0%, with a bachelor degree or above accounting for 81.3%, R & D expenses revenue accounted for 4%.64%, highly educated R & D personnel contribute to continuous innovation.2) The management mechanism improves efficiency, and the endogenous incubation mechanism gathers people’s hearts.After the company was listed, the company carried out two equity incentives each year, targeting 465 cores / 682 core backbones, with a total share capital of 0.50% / 0.76%, the second phase of the incentive conditions 2018-2020 operating income growth rate is not less than 20%, 40% and 60%.The company also has two major employee shareholding platforms of Video Investment and Video Investment, each holding a shareholding ratio of 6.71% and 2.90%.3) A nationwide dealer network for efficient linkage and win-win cooperation.The company is mainly based on the dealer model, and a mature and mature dealer network and e-commerce channels will become an important guarantee for the company to maintain its leading position in the industry (seewo has 3000 dealers, 500 core dealers, and MAXHUB has 1000+ second-tier agentsBusiness, 300 core agents). Investment suggestion: The company takes advantage of the technology of display and control of the TV board business, and successfully develops from traditional 杭州桑拿网 business to interactive smart tablets through the Shivo brand in education and the MAXHUB brand in business meetings, fully reflecting the company’s independent research and development capabilities and high efficiencyStrong executive power under the management mechanism.The growth and growth of the company in the future The continued deepening of the Shivo brand, the accelerated penetration of MAXHUB, and the development of new scenarios (smart appliances / smart healthcare, etc.).It is estimated that the company’s net profit for 2019/20/21 will be 15 respectively.33/20.72/27.110,000 yuan, corresponding to EPS 2.34/3.16/4.13 yuan.Considering the scale and growth of the company comprehensively, it can enjoy the estimated premium on ownership and give a target price of 93.53 yuan, corresponding to 40 times the annual PE, covering the first time with a “buy” rating. Risk reminders: The decline in corporate IT product procurement expectations and budgets has dragged down sales of conference service products; market competition has intensified risks; technological changes have lowered product gross margins and dragged down the company’s overall profitability level; and the risk of technical staff turnover.

7 techniques to stay old

7 tricks to stay old

When referring to Li Zi, everyone almost thinks of the word beauty. God is sometimes so unfair. When others are worrying about an extra crow’s feet, Li Zi never seems to care.

In fact, Li Zi ‘s exclusive anti-ageing tricks are revealed, and you will find that what is behind the glorious beauty is what we do n’t know. Do n’t underestimate these seven tricks. If you can also persevere, the age is actually simple!

  What kind of skin care secrets does Li Zi have? Let ‘s unveil them together today. In fact, these 7 so-called secrets look really bland, but if you can persist, you can really achieve the skin without age.

  Tip # 1: Eat only light foods. Eat more light foods, fruits and vegetables, supplement fiber and vitamin C, help cell repair, and avoid wrinkles.

Clearing heat and detoxifying is good for digestion of the stomach and intestines.

Eat refreshing, people naturally refreshed.

  Tip # 2: Carry a natural mineral spray with you. In addition to the usual daily maintenance, Li Zi will carry a moisturizing spray with him.

Moisturizing sprays are the most common type of spray.

They are usually composed of natural mineral springs or hot spring water, and contain large amounts of minerals and trace elements.

In addition to hydrating and moisturizing the skin anytime, anywhere, it can also adjust the skin’s water and oil balance, soothe skin pressure, resist allergies, and increase the skin’s natural protective function.

Spray on your body when you feel the surrounding air is dry.

It looks like the skin will be hydrated.

  Tip 3: The beauty of Li Zi, the four effective earthly beauty, is not complicated, such as exercising more, drinking more water, eating more vegetables, fruits, etc. Although these methods are very earthy, they are really effective.

  Li Zi is a well-known beauty in the entertainment industry. She ca n’t see she is a woman in Bensi. After exiting the entertainment industry, she has been taking care of her brother ‘s beauty salon business. She is always face-to-face and has the same beauty as a little girl.Petite face.

It is said that the paparazzi in Hong Kong photographed Li Zi on plain shopping for many times, which is almost the same as the usually well-decorated shape.

  Tip # 4: Sit-ups Li Zi said that she has always advocated simple maintenance methods. She insists on doing sit-ups 200-300 times a day: “In fact, the simplest methods of maintenance are the most useful, but of course you should eat some.Nutrition, some kind of vitamin C, but I never take some so-called supplements.

“Secretary No. 5: Bath Scrub,” she said, “I will do it seriously every night. I will make a bath scrub every night, and slowly rub it for about half an hour. After I finish, I will use the lotion seriously to myself.Get a massage.

“Secretary No. 6: Face and body should be protected from the sun. For Li Zi, she also has her own experience. She thinks that the most important thing is to change the shampoo. Because the hair has been adapted to a shampoo over time, it should be changed frequently.To meet the needs of hair in different periods, and even in winter, sun protection for hair is also very important: “Hong Kong has a lot of sun in winter. In fact, it is only necessary to protect the face and body from sun, and hair.Big.
“Secretary No. 7: An old idol in her heart said:” I like Audrey Hepburn very much. She has different beauty in different periods, calm temperament and full of vitality. Such beauty can last long.

Drink burdock carp fish soup often to prevent arteriosclerosis (with practice)

Drink burdock carp fish soup often to prevent arteriosclerosis (with practice)

Currently in Japan, South Korea, Europe, America and Southeast Asia, Taiwan, Guangzhou, Jiangsu, Shandong and other places are a popular burdock vegetable health regimen. Many patients with chronic refractory diseases often eat burdock to gradually recover their body.

  Burdock is a herbaceous plant of the family Asteraceae.

“Chinese Dictionary of Traditional Chinese Medicine” said that burdock is warm, sweet, non-toxic, has the functions of clearing heat, detoxifying and dampening, strengthening the spleen, appetizing, purging, nourishing yin, tonifying kidney, and nourishing qi, and is a natural healthy food for reducing fire and tonifying kidney.

Burdock’s nutrition is quite rich. According to analysis and analysis, burdock’s fleshy root protein, amino acids, multivitamins, mineral elements, and inulin specific to Asteraceae plants.

Regular consumption of burdock can lower blood lipids, prevent constipation, have better preventive effects on hypertension, diabetes, and rectal cancer, and has the effects of anti-aging and improving human immunity.

  The following is a popular folk burdock diet soup recipe: burdock pork belly soup, sirloin soup, 100 grams, fat pork belly, tempeh, and light onions.

  Method: Wash the pork belly first, put the pork belly and burdock in the boiling water pot at the same time, cook until the pork belly is cooked, then add the onion, tempeh and salt to taste, remove the pork belly and cut into pieces.

  Efficacy: spleen and nourishing qi, suitable for diabetes.

  Burdock kelp burdock burdock 100 grams, kelp 30 grams, grass cassia 15 grams.

  Method: Add burdock shreds, kelp and grass cassia to the pot together, add an appropriate amount of water, and after cooking the soup, go to grass cassia (burdock edible) to serve.

  Efficacy: Clear liver and reduce phlegm, suitable for conjunctivitis, hypertension, facial red headache caused by liver and fire.

  Burdock eucommia ulmoides burdock 100 grams, 3 quails, 30 grams eucommia, 60 grams of yam, 15 grams of Chinese wolfberry, 8 grams of ginger, 5 red dates, appropriate amount of refined salt.

  Method: Put the cleaned quail with burdock, eucommia ulmoides, wolfberry, pitted red dates, ginger together in the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, boil with wuhuo, then switch to simmer for 3 hours, season with salt.

  Efficacy: tonify liver and kidney, strengthen kidney and bones.

For stroke sequelae.

  Burdock vegetable soup 20 grams of dried burdock or 150 grams of fresh burdock, 250 grams of white radish (leaf), 250 grams of carrots, 3-5 shiitake mushrooms, 1-2 jujubes, ginger seasoning, you can add salt according to the taste.

  Method: After washing the raw materials, put them in a pot, add 500-650 ml of water, and boil on high heat, then use a low heat to simmer for about 60 minutes.

  Efficacy: Laxative, laxative, lipid-lowering, nourishing, anti-aging, especially suitable for liver disease, diabetes, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, stroke, cancer patients with long-term survival.

  Burdock Snow Lotus Soup (for 2-4 persons) 50 g Burdock (dried), 2-3 snow lotuses, 30 g black beans, 3-5 shiitake mushrooms, 1-3 jujubes, meat (pigs, beef, mutton)250 grams, tangerine peel, called ginger.

  Method: After washing the raw materials, put them in a pot, add 500-650 ml of water, and boil on high heat, then use a low heat to simmer for 60 minutes.

  Efficacy: Bushen Yiqi, strengthening the body, regulating endocrine, and tonifying yin deficiency.

  Burdock beef soup 500 grams beef, burdock 50 grams (dry), ginger.

  Method: Wash the beef and cut into pieces, slice the ginger, and put it into the clay pot with other ingredients. After boiling, simmer in the heat for 2-3 hours.

  Efficacy: Buzhong Yiqi, nourish the spleen and stomach, strengthen the body and bones.

  Burdock carp soup 100g carp, burdock 100g, kelp amount.

  Practice: Peel the burdock and slice, add carp and kelp, simmer and add wolfberry.

  Efficacy: It can improve the swelling of the calf, chest pain in puberty, recuperate the breast, relieve phlegm, relieve cough, reduce blood pressure, strengthen the spleen and invigorate qi, prevent arteriosclerosis, iodine deficiency, beriberi.

  Burdock Hawthorn Soup 500 g burdock, 15 g haw, 300 g yam, 1 carrot, 2 tsp salt.

  Method: Peel the burdock and wash it, cut the hob block and dip it in the salt water; peel the carrot, cut the hob block; yam cut into pieces.

  Hawthorn quickly washed with water, and burdock, carrots, yam into the pot together, add 5 bowls of water to boil, cook over low heat until the burdock is cooked and soft, season with salt.

  Efficacy: Anti-cancer and anti-aging, fat removal to help digestion, reduce cholesterol.

Indigestion and insufficiency are suitable for consumption of this soup.


Be wary of makeup removal mistakes and reject skin deterioration


Be wary of makeup removal mistakes and reject skin deterioration

As long as you apply sunscreen, you will need to use makeup remover when washing your face at night. Everyone knows this common sense.

But just to know the perfect skin care is not enough, there are some makeup removal and cleaning issues that are worth our attention. Do you want to take better care of your skin with MM Door? Let ‘s take a look at the following content.

  Misunderstanding 1: Prolonged use of makeup remover The main ingredients of makeup remover are oil and emulsifier.

After using something like foundation, removing makeup with a cleansing oil becomes easy and thorough.

Although the cleansing oil has a deep cleansing effect on the skin, the rest of the people will have acne, inflammation and other unsuitable manifestations. This is mainly related to the more complex oily components of the cleansing oil. The oily components of the cleansing oil usually have the following types:Synthetic esters and vegetable oils.

  Makeup remover must be used every time you remove makeup. It may seem like a clean and thorough habit, but it is not.

In order to reduce the expected irritation to the skin, makeup remover oil should only be used when the makeup is thicker.

If you must use it every day, then you must choose a cleansing oil that suits your skin to reward the delicate young skin, and then it is best to clean it again with a cleansing product.

  Misunderstanding 2: Remove makeup and wash your face in one step. Many facial cleansers write that you can remove the light makeup, so it is quite easy to use mm cleansing, and you only feel good when you use only this cleanser.

In fact, makeup removal and face washing are two separate skin care steps that cannot be performed simultaneously.

Just like a two-in-one shampoo that doesn’t work well.

  Misunderstanding 3: I do n’t need a face cleanser after cleansing oil. I saw that the cleansing oil emulsified and weighed white. I thought my face was washed clean. In fact, otherwise, heavy metal ions, dust and other dirt remained after removing makeup.These dirt can clog pores and, over time, can form closed acne.

  Misunderstanding 4: Washing your face more than removing makeup and increasing the frequency of washing your face is not a good thing. At the same time you remove the residual makeup dirt, the oil and moisture that protect the skin are also taken away. If you wash your face too much, your skin will feel uncomfortable.

If you are painting heavy makeup or applying waterproof mascara, you ca n’t even use simple face wash products to remove makeup, because ordinary cleansers ca n’t dissolve oil paint, and the cleaning effect is much worse.

Improving sleep

Improving sleep

Many people have troubles with insomnia, and then choose sleeping pills at the same time, it is better to make a medicated diet at home to help sleep, of which Poria previously porridge is a good choice.

  It is also known as sacrifice, has the effect of calming the nerves, strengthening the spleen and dampness, and also has a certain anti-aging effect.

There are many precipitates made from Poria, such as Poria cake, a specialty of Beijing, and the famous Guiling paste in the south.

The specific method of Poria couscous rice porridge is as follows: take 15 grams of Poria or Poria powder, 100 grams of rice, 10 red dates, the right amount of rock sugar, put them together in the pot, add the right amount of water, boil over high heat and then cook with low heatThe cooked rice is ready to eat.

Depending on the taste, you can also add rock sugar, salt, MSG, pepper and other spices.

  In addition to soothe the nerves and help sleep, this product also has the effect of strengthening the spleen and dampness. It is suitable for senile edema, obesity, unfavorable urination, and diarrhea.

Do you drink water properly, drink or sports drink

Do you drink water properly, drink or sports drink

It is necessary to replenish water during the hot summer.

Do you drink water or sports drinks properly?

This is absolutely your exercise intensity and your own preferences.

  Sports drinks are sometimes crucial, for athletes who want to go round and round during the August heat wave.

However, is a sports drink necessary for someone on a short hike?

  ”If used properly, sports drinks can be a secret weapon for athletes.

“Suzana, author of Endurance Sports Nutrition?”


Suzanne Girard Eberle said.

Sports drinks can contain both water, carbohydrates and electrolytes, which are necessary for athletes.

Among them, moisture is particularly important in summer, because the hot environment means that people sweat more and lose more water.

Another key ingredient is electrolytes that help muscles contract and contract.

Sodium ion is one of the key electrolytes because it can help avoid cramps caused by cramps and then stimulate people’s desire to drink water.

For those long-distance runners or cyclists, it is necessary to supplement the large amount of electrolytes they lose during sweating.

  ”A lot of people think that they are losing water, so they only add water, but they don’t know that this dilutes the electrolyte concentration.

“American Dietetic Association Lisa?

Doffman said, “In fact, you need to replenish both electrolytes and moisture.

“Actually, what you need is a small bottle of mineral water or a valuable sports drink. It is bound to your exercise intensity and yourself.

For heavy sweating, sports drinks will be closer to your needs.


Ibler recommends two to eight sports drinks every 15 minutes, preferably for an hour or continuous exercise.

She said it was a mistake to wait until the long-term exercise was completely over.

“Expensive athletes need to be supplemented early so that they can develop their endurance better.

“The other part may just be doing boring and changed fitness on a bicycle on weekdays. The amount of consumption is not as large as that of athletes, and the rehydration will be more arbitrary.

Some new, low-transient sports drinks offer electrolytes but remove calories that are less needed by the general public.

  ”Those low-content sports drinks usually don’t taste good, so they buy too much.

“Dofferman said,” Many people think that the water is too light, and they should add some sweetness to it.

“Dofman pointed out that, for the average fitness person, compared with other beverages, the conversion of standard sports drinks is very low.

There are only 14 grams of sugar in every eight millimeters of sports drink, half of the sugar contained in the same amount of orange juice, and the sugar intake of a typical carbonated beverage.

“I think many fitness people drink a glass of orange juice or a glass of something before running, but it might be better if they choose a sports drink.


Ebler also mentioned an interesting phenomenon. After many exercises, the flavor of your originally favorite drink may actually make you nauseous.

“A strawberry passionflower flavor was originally your favorite, but after a six-hour bike or marathon, it may not be the drink you want.

“She suggested that athletes could prepare several flavored sports drinks at the same time, if possible.

Kiwifruit to lose weight to surprise you


Kiwifruit to lose weight to surprise you

Hairy little difference?
Kiwifruit, which is not at all eye-catching, is a low-priced, high-quality fruit with 14 nutrients, especially vitamin C and calcium, which ranks first in the fruit kingdom, and even wins the champion with daily nutritional recommendations.It is convenient for modern people who have no time to eat.

銆€銆€鈼?2 kiwis per day can help sleep, soothing emotions for busy modern people, working professional women, night and night night cats, often worry, irritability, inability to concentrate, if there is a lack of calcium,It is more prone to nervous tension, indigestion, and symptoms of insomnia.

Wu Jianxun, a Chinese acupuncturist in California, said that calcium helps to relieve neurasthenia, comfort and calming, and continuously improve sleep quality.

Dr. Wu Jianxun is based on Dr. Dr., Director of the Institute of Food Science, Rutgers University, USA.

Paul LaChance’s research report suggests that eating 2 kiwis a day can replenish calcium, stimulate bile to secrete bile, enhance food absorption, and improve sleep quality.

銆€銆€鈼?Rich nutrition, the crown of fruit according to the doctor.

According to Paul LaChance, kiwifruit has twice the calcium content of grapefruit, 6 times that of apples, and 4 times that of bananas. It is 7 times that of our usual diet, 5 times that of rice, and 1 of green beans.

3 times.

For modern people who often suffer from overnutrition, or overweight, indigestion, and osteoporosis, they can absorb enough calcium in a simple way.

銆€銆€鈼廡he beauty of the beauty and beauty of the modern people most care about vitamin C, the kiwifruit content is more than twice the orange, the daily recommended intake of up to 230%, is a day of vitamin C 2.

3 times.
Vitamin C is the main component of human collagen, which not only enhances the body’s activated cells, promotes metabolism, but is also an indispensable vitamin against stress.

Many people in modern times choose to supplement vitamin C tablets. Chen Xueyu, a professor at the Institute of Food Nutrition, suggests that it is better to eat natural synthetic kiwifruit if you have edible synthetic drugs.

銆€銆€鈼廔f you want to lose weight, you can’t rely on it. The replacement fiber of kiwi high unit can not only promote peristalsis, but also increase satiety. With the low content of kiwifruit (only 45 calories), it is weight loss and balance.The best choice for nutrition, for the night cat family is a balanced nutrition, a good way to maintain physical strength.