How to Improve Oily Skin

How to Improve Oily Skin

Oily skin is a more common type of skin, and it is also a kind of annoying skin. Sometimes, even after washing the face, it will become very oily.

So how to improve if you have oily skin?

The following editors will tell you how to improve oily skin and teach your skin to become more refreshed!

  How does oily skin improve?


Instead of alkaline and foamy cleansing creams, switch to cleansing milks. In order to deal with oil, people with oily skin in summer often like to wash their face with a cleansing soap or cream.

But in fact, too strong foam cleansing liquid will take away the length of water and sebum, so it is best to replace the foam, a mild facial cleanser to wash your face.

The water temperature is preferably around 20 ° C. Excessive amount will cause sebum to lose water, and it will be too cold to clean.


Use moisturizing toner instead of shrink water. Alcohol-based shrink water can definitely control oil secretion and shrink pores, but it may make the skin drier in winter.

If the oil secretion is normal, you can use a refreshing toner, or use frozen steamed water instead.

  Oily skin is more prone to secretion of oil, and it is best to choose gel and mud when choosing a whitening mask.

The former is refreshing and moisturizing, usually with a cleansing effect, and is suitable for oily skin.

  How to confirm that your skin is oily 1. Don’t rush to care for the skin after getting up in the morning, first press on the nose with a piece of oil-absorbing paper, if there is a lot of oil on the oil-absorbing paper, it shows that your skin isOily.
  2. After washing the face, if the skin does not take long, it will secrete oily substances.

That’s also oily skin.

  3, if the powder on the face, prone to acne blackheads, also belongs to oily skin.

The cause of acne blackheads is because the pores are blocked, and the biggest feature of oily skin is that the pores will be blocked.

  Oily skin has the following characteristics: The skin is generally deeper, the pores are relatively thick and cracked, it is easy to block, the skin is oily, and the amount of sebum secretion is large.

In severe cases, orange peel can appear on the face.

The skin is generally weakly acidic at pH 5.


Between 6.

This type of skin is easily infected and has less resistance to bacteria.

This type of skin is common in young people who develop during adolescence.

Oily skin wrinkles are generally oily and super oily.

Oily skin also has advantages: it is not sensitive and it can remain “young” for a long time.

With age, the secretion of oil will gradually decrease, and some people will even turn into normal skin.

  Skin care products for oily skin 1, cleansing the skin thoroughly every morning and evening, reducing skin oil secretion and pores.

The temperature of the water for washing your face should be around 40 degrees. Use a cleansing milk with adequate cleansing power.

It is mainly used to remove oil and adjust skin pH.

After washing your face, you can use some astringent water for pregnant women.

  2. Do not wash your face too many times, three times a day.

Excessive face washing not only fails to control the oil, but also dehydrates the skin on the face, thereby drying the skin.

When washing your face, place the facial cleanser on the palm of your hand and knead and foam. Then carefully clean the T-shaped part, especially the part with strong sebum secretion such as the nasal wing part.Rinse with water more than 20 times.

  3, it is best not to use skin care products when falling asleep to keep the skin’s normal excretion unobstructed.

After cleansing at night, you can also massage appropriately to improve the blood circulation of the skin and adjust the physiological functions of the skin.

You can do smoky face, massage and pour the membrane once a week to achieve the purpose of reorganizing the bottom and cleaning the skin pores.  4, diet should pay attention to eat less fatty foods, high sugars, avoid eating tobacco, alcohol and spicy food, should eat more fruits and vegetables, keep the stool smooth, to improve the skin’s greasy and rough feeling.

  What kind of skin care products are used for oily skin? Because the pores are thin, it is easy to block the pores and prone to acne and acne.

If you simply wash or absorb the oil on the skin surface, it will cause an imbalance in the secretion of water and oil, but will stimulate the sebaceous glands to secrete more oil.

In this sense, water replenishment is the key to oil control.

  Normal skin oil and water secretion should be used in a balanced state as follows: 1) Cleansing oil: it can achieve the effect of deep cleansing, remove dirt from pores, and make pores unblocked.

  2) Use a facial cleanser for oily skin. The surface is cleansed with makeup remover and called double-washing method. It is fresh and clean after use.

  3) Use a toner that is suitable for oily skin.

  4) For oily skin lotions for summer, use less on the nose.

  5) Isolation, sunscreen: The sun protection factor is 22, it is too low for winter use, and the sun protection factor is too high, it will damage the skin. When going to the seaside, insolation, 30 times the available factor

Buy skin care products that are suitable for your skin.

Body language in emotional upset


Body language in emotional upset

Pay close attention to the body language of yourself or others when they are emotionally upset: with your head tilted and holding your head and cheeks, instead of comforting your mother, or the soft and warm upper face or chest of your lover, holding your head is to get loveHug or comfort.

  Pointing at your cheeks, head, hair, forgetting to bring the key or light, forgetting to turn off with gas, etc. When you find something wrong, you can press your jaw with both hands and force it without thinking, it means you want your loved one,Can caress and get comfort.

  Flick your lips with your fingertips and touch your lips with your forefinger and thumb fingertips. While you want to overcome the instability, you can get a stable performance. The finger is a substitute for the nipple of the mother. During the baby, people get a sense of stability from the nipple sucking.Similarly, touch your lips with your fingers in order to stabilize your mood.

  When the bite of nails increases, it is not enough to just touch your lips with your fingers, so you begin to bite your nails and finger joints, and you may even bite your fingertips into a jagged shape.

  The action of crossing hands is as if the baby was crying in fright when scared, and the mother would shake and coy, and then when there was a setback, no one was around.

Another type of crossed hands occurs when there is a sense of defense. Crossing hands can have a defensive effect on the opponent.

  Hold your own hand tightly, hold one’s own hand tightly, one hand represents yourself, and the other hand represents him most admired in his heart. Sometimes when nervous, he will clenched his hand unconsciously, which means hope.Have both strong and strong hands.

At the most tense moments, palms often sweat, fingers are bloodless, and clenched rigidly.

Hair removal safety is more important than beauty, don’t let beauty affect health_1

Hair removal safety is more important than beauty, don’t let beauty affect health

When the figure is revealed in the summer, the beauty people hope that their skin is smoother and better looking, and they have chosen various methods to remove hair. Therefore, electric hair removal blades, razors, hair removal creams, beeswax, laser hair removal .Into “can”.

  Therefore, Peng Wenfa, deputy chief physician of the dermatology department of the Beijing Military Region General Hospital, said that hair has the functions of protecting the skin, sweating, and reducing physical friction. Hair removal is generally not encouraged unless it is abnormal such as hirsutism.

If you really want to take off, you must choose a scientific and reasonable hair removal method to better care for the skin, otherwise it will cause skin swelling and pain, folliculitis and other diseases.

  The most convenient-electric shaver For people who are afraid of pain and allergies, the first choice is the electric hair removal knife, which is convenient and painless, the hair removal is thorough, the effect can be maintained for several days, and there are no complications on the skin.

Usually it is a razor. It is suitable for the short, fine hair on the slender parts of the face, arms, legs, etc. It is not suitable for the under arm.

The disadvantage is: the longer and thicker the hair will be.

If it is not handled carefully, it will easily scratch the pores and damage the skin.

  Peng Wenfa reminded that disinfection must be done well before epilation, and the surface can be wiped with alcohol, iodine or disinfected paper towels. After epilation, it is best to use some antibiotics such as Baidubang to prevent infection.

If your skin feels unwell, you can also apply some moisturizer.

  The most thorough-laser hair removal As for laser hair removal and freezing point hair removal, Peng Wenfa believes that it is a safer and effective hair removal method at present, and it is also more thorough.

However, new hair may grow after 2 years, but you can do it again if needed.

  Laser hair removal uses the “selective photothermal effect” of laser light to directly irradiate hair follicles with laser light so that its melanin selectively absorbs light energy, thereby generating thermal effects to suppress or reduce hair growth and achieve the effect of permanent hair removal.

Li Dong, a professor of plastic surgery at Peking University Third Hospital, said that people with darker hair are more suitable for laser hair removal, while people with yellower hair may not perform well.

  Freezing point hair removal is based on laser technology, plus ice mist spray, which makes the wound cool and painless, removes excess hair, and reduces irritation and pain.

The common advantages of these two methods are: clean and thorough hair removal, and increase skin gloss.

The disadvantages are: higher prices, ranging from 1200-2000 yuan; treatment complications, such as freezing point hair removal, usually take three or four months; if you do not pay attention to disinfection, it will cause skin infections, so you must choose a range, professional hospitals for hair removal.
  The most damaging skin-beeswax hair removal common hair removal cream, hair removal lotion and beeswax use the chemicals in it to dissolve the hair structure to achieve the purpose of hair removal.

Fei Hao, director and professor of dermatology at Southwest Hospital of the Third Military Medical University, said that such hair removal methods should be used as little as possible, because chemicals in poorer products can irritate the skin, and relatively safe products are used repeatedly.It is difficult to estimate its anisotropy.

  Hair Removal Creams and Shampoos are suitable for those who are afraid of pain but have less sensitive skin.

This method can quickly remove large areas of hair, but the chemical components in it have irritating effects on the skin. They can be used alternately, which may cause allergies, and should not be used during the physiological period.

  The most damaging to the skin is beeswax hair removal.

Due to chemically synthesized beeswax, it is easy to cause skin irritation.

When tearing down, body hair is easy to stay in a part of the pores, and half of the hair is easy to stick into the hair follicle, causing folliculitis.

  Experts, in any hair removal method, it is best not to remove the perineal hair, because the hair here is to prevent the invasion of bacteria and protect the health of sensitive parts.

Ai Ye Introduction

Ai Ye Introduction

Artemisia sylvestris is a dried leaf of asteraceae.

Cultivated or wild.

Most of the country has more production.

The original plant was born on the edge of the wasteland forest.

It likes a warm and humid climate, and is resistant to drought and shade. The soil layer is rich and fertile, and the loam mixed with rotten propagation material is the most suitable for growth.

  ● Ai Ye’s “Compendium of Materia Medica” records “Special Records of Famous Doctors”: bitter, slightly warm, non-toxic.

The subject is full of diseases, which can be used for frying, stopping diarrhea, vomiting blood, hiding sores, bleeding from a woman, replenishing yin and qi, building muscles, removing wind and cold, and making people have children.

And Ai, cold and warm.

The blood under the master, bleeds blood, pus and blood stasis, boiled and pill powder for appointment.

  ”Pharmacology”: make.

Can stop bleeding, tocolysis, relieve abdominal pain, vinegar decoction, cure ringworm, Zhibaibaizhi, and five Tibetan hemorrhoids.

Fried leaves, the main vomiting blood.

Fried Ai Zuo, swallow three or five.

It’s good with rice.

Long clothes stop the cold and anger.

Take the leaves to smash the juice, and then mash the minced and dried ginger into pills. Take 30 pills a day, press the rice, take it every day, and cure all air-conditioning, ghosts and poisonous gases, and most of the bad ones.

  ”Compendium of Materia Medica”: Ai Yesheng is slightly bitter and too bitter, and cooked is slightly bitter and too bitter.

You can take the real fire of the sun, and you can fall back to Yuanyang.

The service takes Sanyin, and chases all cold and dampness, and turns the killing gas into harmony.

If it is said, it is through the classics, and the one who treats hundreds of evils is Kang Tai, who also has great achievements.

The old man Dan Tian is weak, and the umbilical abdomen is afraid of cold. It is wonderful to use cooked ai into the bag to fold his umbilical abdomen.

People with cold and wet feet should also use this to clamp them into socks.

  ● Modern pharmacological studies of Artemisia argyi leaves inhibit slack guinea pig smooth muscle.

A systematic pharmacological study of the effective components of artemisia oil asthma showed that the chemical structures of monodiols and dihalpenes are related to asthma.

Artemisia oil 0.


5mg / kg intragastric or intraperitoneal injection, obvious antitussive effect.

Artemisia leaf oil has expectorant effect.

Artemisia oleifera oil has a choleretic effect.

2% Tween made wormwood oil into a suspension (containing 25 microliters of wormwood oil per ml), which can increase bile flow in rats (dose 0.

8 ml / 100 g and 0.

3ml / 100g).

Artemisia oleifera oil overly inhibits isolated toad heart and rabbit heart, and can counter the adrenaline-strengthening effect.

Artemisia oleifera oil has a sedative effect on rabbits by intraperitoneal injection.

Artemisia oil has no analgesic effect and has no effect on normal body temperature.

Artemisia leaves have a hemostatic effect, and the coagulation time of different processed products is different.

Artemisia oil has anti-allergic effects.

In vitro experiments have shown that wormwood oil inhibits cocci and most Gram nitrate bacteria.Artemisia fumigatus smoke also has obvious antibacterial effect on bacteria and fungi. Used for air disinfection, it can reduce the colony by 95% -99.


Artemisia argyi oil can increase the phagocytosis ability of mouse plasma infiltration cells.

Drink burdock carp fish soup often to prevent arteriosclerosis (with practice)

Drink burdock carp fish soup often to prevent arteriosclerosis (with practice)

Currently in Japan, South Korea, Europe, America and Southeast Asia, Taiwan, Guangzhou, Jiangsu, Shandong and other places are a popular burdock vegetable health regimen. Many patients with chronic refractory diseases often eat burdock to gradually recover their body.

  Burdock is a herbaceous plant of the family Asteraceae.

“Chinese Dictionary of Traditional Chinese Medicine” said that burdock is warm, sweet, non-toxic, has the functions of clearing heat, detoxifying and dampening, strengthening the spleen, appetizing, purging, nourishing yin, tonifying kidney, and nourishing qi, and is a natural healthy food for reducing fire and tonifying kidney.

Burdock’s nutrition is quite rich. According to analysis and analysis, burdock’s fleshy root protein, amino acids, multivitamins, mineral elements, and inulin specific to Asteraceae plants.

Regular consumption of burdock can lower blood lipids, prevent constipation, have better preventive effects on hypertension, diabetes, and rectal cancer, and has the effects of anti-aging and improving human immunity.

  The following is a popular folk burdock diet soup recipe: burdock pork belly soup, sirloin soup, 100 grams, fat pork belly, tempeh, and light onions.

  Method: Wash the pork belly first, put the pork belly and burdock in the boiling water pot at the same time, cook until the pork belly is cooked, then add the onion, tempeh and salt to taste, remove the pork belly and cut into pieces.

  Efficacy: spleen and nourishing qi, suitable for diabetes.

  Burdock kelp burdock burdock 100 grams, kelp 30 grams, grass cassia 15 grams.

  Method: Add burdock shreds, kelp and grass cassia to the pot together, add an appropriate amount of water, and after cooking the soup, go to grass cassia (burdock edible) to serve.

  Efficacy: Clear liver and reduce phlegm, suitable for conjunctivitis, hypertension, facial red headache caused by liver and fire.

  Burdock eucommia ulmoides burdock 100 grams, 3 quails, 30 grams eucommia, 60 grams of yam, 15 grams of Chinese wolfberry, 8 grams of ginger, 5 red dates, appropriate amount of refined salt.

  Method: Put the cleaned quail with burdock, eucommia ulmoides, wolfberry, pitted red dates, ginger together in the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, boil with wuhuo, then switch to simmer for 3 hours, season with salt.

  Efficacy: tonify liver and kidney, strengthen kidney and bones.

For stroke sequelae.

  Burdock vegetable soup 20 grams of dried burdock or 150 grams of fresh burdock, 250 grams of white radish (leaf), 250 grams of carrots, 3-5 shiitake mushrooms, 1-2 jujubes, ginger seasoning, you can add salt according to the taste.

  Method: After washing the raw materials, put them in a pot, add 500-650 ml of water, and boil on high heat, then use a low heat to simmer for about 60 minutes.

  Efficacy: Laxative, laxative, lipid-lowering, nourishing, anti-aging, especially suitable for liver disease, diabetes, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, stroke, cancer patients with long-term survival.

  Burdock Snow Lotus Soup (for 2-4 persons) 50 g Burdock (dried), 2-3 snow lotuses, 30 g black beans, 3-5 shiitake mushrooms, 1-3 jujubes, meat (pigs, beef, mutton)250 grams, tangerine peel, called ginger.

  Method: After washing the raw materials, put them in a pot, add 500-650 ml of water, and boil on high heat, then use a low heat to simmer for 60 minutes.

  Efficacy: Bushen Yiqi, strengthening the body, regulating endocrine, and tonifying yin deficiency.

  Burdock beef soup 500 grams beef, burdock 50 grams (dry), ginger.

  Method: Wash the beef and cut into pieces, slice the ginger, and put it into the clay pot with other ingredients. After boiling, simmer in the heat for 2-3 hours.

  Efficacy: Buzhong Yiqi, nourish the spleen and stomach, strengthen the body and bones.

  Burdock carp soup 100g carp, burdock 100g, kelp amount.

  Practice: Peel the burdock and slice, add carp and kelp, simmer and add wolfberry.

  Efficacy: It can improve the swelling of the calf, chest pain in puberty, recuperate the breast, relieve phlegm, relieve cough, reduce blood pressure, strengthen the spleen and invigorate qi, prevent arteriosclerosis, iodine deficiency, beriberi.

  Burdock Hawthorn Soup 500 g burdock, 15 g haw, 300 g yam, 1 carrot, 2 tsp salt.

  Method: Peel the burdock and wash it, cut the hob block and dip it in the salt water; peel the carrot, cut the hob block; yam cut into pieces.

  Hawthorn quickly washed with water, and burdock, carrots, yam into the pot together, add 5 bowls of water to boil, cook over low heat until the burdock is cooked and soft, season with salt.

  Efficacy: Anti-cancer and anti-aging, fat removal to help digestion, reduce cholesterol.

Indigestion and insufficiency are suitable for consumption of this soup.


How to deal with picky bosses

How to deal with “picky” bosses

It turned out that Zhang Jin was the IT director before, and his minister always paid attention to the big ones, and respected his management style very much.
The current direct vice president Li, however, has no detailed questions about his department management matters, and he is very picky about his management methods. This situation is more frequent, and Zhang Jin is very depressed.
He thinks that President Li doesn’t know much about informatization and keeps asking him for trouble.
Zhang Jin felt that Li was always aiming at himself, and subsequent constant frictions with his boss caused the relationship to be extremely tense.
  When Zhang Jin began to hesitate to leave or stay, thinking of Anyi, an old friend with a high emotional quotient, he might be able to help him through the current workplace crisis.
Anyi carefully listened to Zhang Jin’s story about the conflict, asked about the situation in detail, and then helped Zhang Jin analyze it very well: “In fact, you are always a typical perfect personality. People with perfect personality wantEverything is done perfectly, hoping that they or the world will be more perfect. They always reflect on whether they have made mistakes and will correct others’ mistakes in time.
Without correcting others’ mistakes, he will feel that he has not fulfilled his responsibilities.
Lu Anyi looked at Zhang Jin who listened to God and said, “Persons of this personality are always very demanding in all kinds of things in daily management. At the same time, they also want his subordinates to be like him and to be systematic in everything.Thinking, no slight flaws are allowed, especially if you have just been promoted to the head of the IT department, his requirements will be more stringent.
And you are a strength-type person, relying on your own efforts in your work, based on the principle of not trying to trouble the boss, and don’t give the problem to the boss, many problems have their own ways to coordinate and solve, but the results of doing soWill make the boss do not understand the difficulty of their work, or even be despised.
  You think you have worked hard and seriously, but you rarely think in reverse and change your mind. You don’t care how your boss evaluates you. You have the mentality of “justice and free heart” and “don’t do bad things”.The mentality is that it is more practical to arrange your work according to the past thinking, so you will inevitably have many contradictions.
  Only correct his mind, don’t mind his criticism too much, know that picking is just his habit.
At the same time, it is necessary to constantly analyze the criticisms of the superiors. It really makes sense to follow suit. As for the unreasonable requirements, delaying tactics “cold processing” can be appropriately adopted. After a long delay, he has no energy to entangle these details.
“An Yi teaches old friends as much tricks as possible.
  Zhang Jin made deep reflections afterwards. He did not think much about himself. As a subordinate, although he could not communicate with his boss in daily work, he should also handle the relationship with President Li and President Li.The relationship is as it is now, and indeed it has a considerable responsibility.
Although the cause of the conflict is known in theory, his own personality conflicts with that of President Li.
But it’s not that simple.
As the IT Minister, Zhang Jin faced the faults of President Li, how could he not get nervous by him?
Should we continue to “sin” in this glorious post, or just leave?
  “搞定”自己的上司  冯欣 东宇房地产公司 综合管理部部长  首先,可以套用一句话:张晋在挑剔的上司那儿获得的“感受和情感是正常的”,一个人如果没让自己成为老板,而靠Working for a living, then in his career, there will always be more than one boss.
Whether he can “get it” with his boss and grow up in criticism is not only a matter of character and personality, but a sign of whether his role and behavior in interpersonal relationships are proper and whether he “can fully understand the organizational structure and have an influenceTo establish internal and external relationships to achieve performance. ”
In the same environment, it is often seen that some people work smoothly and have been repeatedly improved, while others work hard and have high professional standards, but they are always on the spot.
Chrysler President Aikoa summed it up: “They are smarter and harder than me, the only thing missing is communication.”
  There is an important rule for successful business people: do first and then do things.
President Roosevelt also attributed the formula for success to “getting along with people”. Zhang Jin’s outstanding performance, excellent performance evaluation results, and promotion to the position of IT Minister by the company, undoubtedly he has become an excellent director.
However, the promotion of the position means that the leadership of the direct reporting job has changed. The leadership style and habits of the new boss may be completely different. If he likes this job and cannot choose his own boss, then he should be open to accepting the new changes.Adjust your behavior and reshape the image of your subordinates.
The leader-member theory tells us that bosses tend to be people with similar attitudes and personalities.
This category of people tends to have more opportunities, better satisfaction and evaluation, and of course their turnover rate is lower.
When Zhang Jin encountered a new boss, this invisible circle already existed, and he should be able to learn the art of getting along with the new boss while taking on greater responsibility and pressure.
  Supervisors who understand the perfect personality orientation, social psychology research, believes that the frequency of interactions plays an important role in establishing interpersonal relationships.
Knowing oneself can help others know one another. Don’t always talk about the past. People are very different. The level of professional development can only be higher and higher. Sticking to the thinking of the era of open crotch pants will only make you repeatedly ashamed.
Only by being familiar with the psychological characteristics of the new boss and carrying out normal psychological communication can we learn to stand on the superior’s standpoint to experience his feelings and let the superior stand on your side to understand you.
Learn to tell yourself to respect your boss at all times, and let your boss respect you at all times.
  Transposition thinking: As stated in the article, Zhang Jin did not stand in the position of President Li to transposition thinking.
While working principles need to stick to their positions, they also need to think differently.
Zhang Jin can think about it. If I’m President Li, I’m in charge of so many departments, and of course I hope each one is doing a good job.
But in fact, why are the other ones doing very well, and I criticize them less, are they strong or inadequate?
It is very likely that Zhang Jingang took this position. His business is not very familiar, and his work will inevitably have omissions. He has strict requirements and more criticism, which is also for his good.
If Zhang Jin can proceed from this perspective, I believe he will be grateful to President Li, instead of thinking that President Li does not understand information technology, and keep asking him for trouble.Even Mr. Li didn’t know much about information technology, but after all, he has high weight and rich experience, and he is better at guiding work from a level perspective. Therefore, strictness is also normal and is helpful to Zhang Jin.

After all, no one hopes that the department in charge of them is not strong enough, and always gives people a handle.

  Learning to relax and work is hard. It is inevitable that you will encounter unpleasant things. No one expects your career to be smooth and unfettered. But when you encounter unpleasant things, just blaming others is not the fundamental way to solve problems.

Outside of work, Zhang Jin must learn to relax his mood and talk to someone. He often invites three or five friends to go hiking and set foot in the mountains and rivers, to talk about the joy of life, and to complain about the work.

  In this way, you can avoid the pressure of work, and through the conversation of everyone, you can understand that everyone is not easy, and you can learn the coping skills of others.

It is often said that life is unsatisfactory, and we do n’t hinder thinking about the remaining one or two, and we will find that in fact there are no life-threatening obstacles, why bother with trivial matters?

  The author has also encountered Zhang Jin’s confusion, experienced changes in roles, changes in leadership, and actually different leadership styles. Indeed, changing our work in the short term has a certain impact, and it feels that the work is not as smooth as the originalIt takes more time to communicate with you, but in the long run, adapting to different leadership styles is a sign of your own career growth.

  Learn to get along with everyone Everyone will get along with all kinds of people in their lifetime, whether they are leaders, subordinates or colleagues, and each person’s work philosophy and methods are also very different.

Therefore, it is important to learn to get along with people, and Zhang Jin in the case seems to fail exactly here.

In fact, Anyi analyzed Zhang Jin very thoroughly. The key lies in whether Zhang Jin can listen to “understand” and whether he is willing to “correct”.

In fact, evasion is not a good choice, it is the best way to face it bravely.

I don’t know if Zhang Jin has considered it. After leaving, I met a new boss in the new company, so what should I do?

Continue to walk away?

  I think Zhang Jin should: 1. Adjust himself according to Anyi’s analysis and make himself work hard to adapt to the new leader. Since the leader likes to ask questions in detail, why not report everything?

2. Take advantage of the opportunity to report with leaders, and communicate more with them. Once you understand the leaders’ ideas, you can also exchange your views and opinions with them.

3. If you can’t solve the problem through your own efforts, it is not too late to consider “getting away”.

Cause of aging

Cause of aging

Healthy longevity is the ideal that people dream of.

Medical doctors of all ages have been exploring the causes of aging and anti-aging methods since ancient times, with a view to improving the physical fitness of human beings and achieving the goal of prolonging life.

  The length of life is affected by many factors.

The doctors of the past thought that aging is related to the internal and external causes, but the internal factors are the main ones, and the internal factors are the main factors that cause aging, in addition to the strength of the congenital endowment, and the spleen and kidney deficiency.

The external is mainly the result of a combination of factors such as acquired environment, climate, nutrition, mental state, medical and health conditions, economic status, and personal hygiene.

The motherland medicine believes that the following main factors are the primary cause of aging.

  (1) Yin and Yang disorders?

The theory of yin and yang should be said: “The birth of the book, based on yin and yang 0, shows that human growth, development, aging and other variability changes are based on yin and yang in the body, and the yin and yang of the human body must be in a relatively balanced state.In the middle, the viscera, yin and yang qi and blood balance, the human body can maintain normal physiological activities, and the life can be prolonged.


“Impery Heaven” is further eliminated: “Yin Pingyang secret, the spirit is ruled; Yin and Yang are separated from the enemy, and the essence is absolutely.

, that is to say, the yin and yang in the body are peaceful, and the balance between the yin and the yang is maintained, and the human body can not be invaded by the evil spirits, stay healthy and disease-free, and spend its days.

After middle-aged people: the balance of yin and yang in the body gradually becomes imbalanced, and the balance between the body and the external environment is destroyed, which damages health, is prone to disease, and is prone to decline.

For example, in the Tang Dynasty, the drug king Sun Sizhen said in the “Qianjin Yaofang”: “If you have more than 50 people, the yang is weak, the damage is dying, the heart is fading, and the loss is 0.”As the age grows, the yang is getting hurt.

The yang is insufficient, the yin is naturally partial, the balance between yin and yang is gradually affected, and aging is gradually formed. If the yin and yang are separated, the life of the person will reach the end.

  (B) qi and blood disorders The body’s gas and blood are prevalent in the whole body, which is the material basis for the physiological activities of all organs and organs such as organs, meridians and the like.

The history of health experts attaches great importance to the relationship between blood and human health, and believes that the filling and reconciliation, the party is not sick, and prolongs life.

Long-lived old people are mostly “five dirty, bloody and tune, . the trip of Rongwei, without losing its usual, . so long.

“If the blood is abnormal, it will inevitably affect the various physiological functions of the body, leading to the occurrence of disease.

So “I ask?”

The theory of Tiaojing said: “The blood is not harmonious, and all diseases are born.”

“The gas belongs to the yang, the blood belongs to the yin, and the relationship between the two, the yin and yang of the female mouth, are interdependent and mutually useful.

Qi plays a role in promoting blood, warming, metaplasia, and phasing; blood has the effect of supporting and carrying.

Therefore, the false decline of the gas and the abnormality of the ascending and descending will inevitably affect the blood.

“Su asked.
“Comment on the theory of virtual reality” pointed out: “The essence of the gas is virtual.

“The qi deficiency means that blood is not biochemical, blood will be reduced by it, qi deficiency is promoted, and the function of Wen 减弱 is weakened, and blood will be stagnated.

Similarly, in the blood deficiency and blood running disorders will also affect the gas.

If the blood is imaginary, then the qi will also decrease; if bloody, the qi will also stagnate.

In the middle-aged and elderly people, the blood and blood deficiency and decay of blood, and the function of qi and blood interaction decline, the support of meridians, muscles, muscles, and skin is weakened, resulting in body thinness, palpitations, insomnia, inconvenient movement, limb numbness., dry skin, fatigue and other aging performance.

  (3) Dirty dysfunction.

Kidney Qi Deficiency The motherland believes that the kidney has a “congenital essence”, which is the basis of the viscera, yin and yang, the source of life, so it is called “the kidney is the innate.”

Kidney gas is the key factor in determining the strength and weakness of the human body.


“The ancient naive theory” pointed out: “Husband is eight years old, kidney is solid, and long teeth are hard; twenty-eight kidneys are full of gas, Tianzhu is, fine gas spills, yin and yang, so can have children; three eight kidneys average, muscles and musclesStrong: four or eight muscles are prosperous, muscles are full; five or eight kidneys are qi, and sputum is sputum.

This is a very clear explanation of the rise and fall of kidney gas, which determines the strength and weakness of human beings and the length of life.

The so-called “kidney is the birth of nature”, the motherland medicine refers to two aspects.

One is the essence of congenital, the second is the essence of the day after tomorrow.
Congenital essence is the innate talent.

Zhang Jingyue pointed out: “With the words of the people, the congenital and strong people live longer, and the day after tomorrow is weak.
“If the congenital endowment inherited from the parents is insufficient, it will naturally form a variety of genetic diseases and damage health. It is easy to die, premature aging, and difficult to live longer.”
The essence of the day after tomorrow is pointed out after birth.It is derived from the diet, the essence of the water valley produced by the function of the spleen and stomach, and the essence of the metaplasia in the physiological activities of the viscera, which are hidden in the kidney through the remaining part of the metabolic balance.
Such as “Su asked?

According to the ancient naive theory: . the kidney is the main water, and it is hidden by the essence of the internal organs.
“The essence of the kidney is the root of a yang, inside the true yin, true yang, there is a balance of water and liquid in the body, gas to coordinate breathing; the main bone marrow and the brain, Ronghua in hair and other functions.
The young and middle-aged kidneys are full of vitality and vitality; the kidneys are debilitating, the functions of the internal organs are also reduced, and people become old, or prematurely dying. If they develop to the depletion of kidney essence, they cannot reproduce yin and yang.When the organs are dirty, the filth is empty and the sky will be exhausted.
Spleen and stomach deficiency The impact of congenital endowment on life expectancy is important, and the effects of acquired care on life and aging cannot be ignored.
For example, “Jing Yue Quanshu @传忠录” said: “He has been born since his birth, but he believes that the day after tomorrow is the foundation of life.
That is to say, the adjustment of diet, the arrangement of living, the adjustment of mental emotions, the physical exercise of physical form, the adjustment of work and rest, the adaptation of the four-season climate, all these factors of day-to-day conditioning, and the strength and weakness of the human body, the rise and fall, life夭 is closely related.
Disorders in any aspect can lead to premature aging and affect longevity.
Among various causes of aging, spleen and stomach deficiency is an important factor.
The spleen and stomach are the foundation of the day after tomorrow. The spleen has the function of transporting water and valleys, transporting fine cloth, and taking the blood.
The spleen is a yin, with a scent of hair, and it is a combination of water and fire.
The stomach is a kind of yang soil, which can make “the six 腑 腑 谷, 津 液 布 , , , , 津 津 津 津 津 。 。
In the spleen and stomach, the main organs of the digestive system, the continuation of the life activities of the body and the biochemistry of the blood and body fluids are all subtle in the spleen and stomach. Therefore, the spleen and stomach are the source of qi and blood.
“Lingshu” five-flavored articles: “The internal organs are all suffocating in the stomach.
Zhang Jingyue, a famous doctor of the Ming Dynasty, pointed out: “The stomach is strong, the stomach is weak, the stomach is born, and the stomach is dead. It is the health care family that must take the spleen and stomach first.”
If the injury is caused by the diet, the spleen and stomach are weak, the source of biochemistry is insufficient, the innate kidney essence can not be nourished, the viscera is also lost, and the human body cannot grow normally, so it is prone to aging.
As Li Shizhen pointed out in the “Compendium of Materia Medica”, if the spleen and stomach reconcile, then “the vitality is followed, the liquid phase is formed, the god is self-generated, and the long-term is resistant to the old.”.
Otherwise, it may be “in the end”.
It can be seen that the spleen and stomach are important in the longevity of life.
Heart Deficiency Heart is the foundation of the monarch, the main god, the main blood, the heart can transform the blood, and the blood vessels are closely connected, is the master of life activities.
“Nei Jing” is called “the Lord of the Five Commandments”.
Under the guidance of the heart, the organs are coordinated to maintain the normal function of the human body, in order to be healthy and longevity, and the elderly have various aging manifestations due to the decline of the heart.
The “Big Pension Case” pointed out that when the age of 50 is over, “the heart is gradually fading, forgetting before and losing, and staying indulge, and the evaluation is not satisfactory.”
“Lingshutianian” Day: “Sixty years old, the heart begins to decline, bitter and sad, bloody slack, so it is good.”
“The heart is not good, the lack of energy, so often heart and shortness of breath, face color. Pale, body thin; heart Tibetan God, the main god, that is, spiritual consciousness activities are dominated by the heart.
When the heart is weak, there will be deafness.
If God does not keep the house, then forgetfulness and insomnia, and words are wrong.
Heart blood, heart qi, blood circulation disorder, qi deficiency and blood stasis is the main pathogenesis of chest pain, stroke and other diseases, threatening the elderly life, pale and white, is also a sign of aging.
Liver fatigue The main liver is venting, the main ribs, open to the eyes, for the dirty of the blood.
In ancient times, there was a saying that “people are moving to the liver.”
The liver gas is up, the air machine is smooth, the venting and blood storage function is normal, then the spirit and emotions have normal regulation, the human movement is static and orderly, the activity is free, the blood and blood run normally without stagnation, which is to maintain the normal physiology of the body.The premise that function does not decline.
From the middle-aged and old age, liver function tends to be weak, liver and wood qi decline, and it becomes the beginning of the dying of the five internal organs with age.
“Lingshutianian” article: “Fifty-year-old, liver gas begins to decline, liver leaves begin to decrease, the beginning of the eye is unknown.”Visual fainting is one of the early reflections of aging changes.”
《素问‘五脏生成篇》说:“肝之合筋也,其荣爪也,肝虚无以营养爪甲,指甲可变脆、变厚;肝气衰,肝阴肝粤不足,肝脏功能减退,Loss of dysfunction, poor air, emotional, digestive, and blood circulation functions can not maintain normal, there will be many related aging performance: suspicious, less joyful, irritable, emotionally unstable, more dreamsHey, less food, less abdominal heating, chest tightness, heartache, weak bones, slow movements, dizziness, dry eyes, vision loss.
It can be seen that liver failure is closely related to aging.


The lungs are weak and the lungs are the ones, the department breathes, the main declares, the descendants, the waterways, and the outer skins.

The ancient naive theory believes that human aging is first manifested in the face and hair.

Such as the woman “five seven, Yangming pulse decline, face start Jiao, began to swear.

Six or seven. The faces are all coke, starting from white.

“Men” May 8 . hair sputum, six eight . face coke, hair white spots.

“The “focal focus” here refers to the wrinkles on the face.

“Beginning” refers to the change of hair.

Changes in facial wrinkles and hair are mainly manifestations of lung qi deficiency.

Because of the lungs, the main fur.

Qi is the driving force of life movement and the material of life activity.

The generation, movement and functional activities of the human body (the qi, the qi, the qi, the vitality) are closely related to the physiological activities of the lungs.

Only when the function of the lungs is normal, can the human body maintain its vitality and not decline.

若肺气衰虚,则诸气的化生、运行、功能活动均受影响,而肺所敷布的卫气有“温分肉、充皮肤、肥腠理’’的功能,肺气虚衰,卫Insufficient gas, skin, and dysentery, that is, the above changes.

In addition, lung qi deficiency, respiratory vomiting attenuation, water and liquid metabolism disorders, skin loss of charge, phlegm is not solid, then the vitality is degraded, the lack of gas is insufficient, easy to feel the external evils, so that the body is premature aging and easy to lose life.

It is prone to shortness of breath, low fever, unbearable work, often easy to catch a cold, cough and weakness, spontaneous sweating, skin elasticity and other signs of old decline.


Tiannian articles “Cloud: “80 years old, lung qi, detached, so good and wrong.

“It shows that lung deficiency is also closely related to aging.


The medullary brain is the root of Qiheng, the sea of essence.

In the life process of human growth and aging, the brain and spinal cord from development to consumption, brain marrow consumption and gradual progress is one of the leading aging.


“The sea theory” said: “There is more than a cone of sea, but it is light and powerful, since it is too much; when the marrow is insufficient, the brain turns to tinnitus, twists and sorrows, and sees nothing, relax and sleep.”

The eyes of the old and the fainting are dim, deafness, tinnitus, memory loss, unresponsiveness and abnormal language and spirit, and even the same shape as children, are caused by the emptiness of the brain.

  (4) Evil wins and loses the “evil” or “evil”, which refers to all pathogenic factors.

Then, the part of the body and the evil in the health of the body is the main one, such as “Su Wen.
“The stabbing theory” said “righteous memory, evil can not be”, “Su asked?

Comment on the theory of fever, saying that “the evil is made up, the gas will be empty.”

The famous evil spirits cause illness, and in the case of insufficient or declining righteousness, it is necessary to take advantage of the virtual person, invade the human body, and develop diseases.

When people reach old age, yin and yang gradually decline, and the five internal organs become imaginary. Various physiological functions gradually tend to decline, prone to stagnation, easy to hurt seven emotions, and susceptible to external evils.

At this time, the body is “evil and prevailing.”

If you are weak and weak, you can show weakness, decline and lack of performance, such as tiredness, tired face, short face, shortness of breath, spontaneous sweating, or five upsets, or chills, cold, weak and so on.The performance of the imaginary.

If the evil spirits are flaming, the body’s ability to resist disease and evil is low, and the pathogenic effect of evil spirits and its further development cannot be stopped. The lack of blood and yin and yang is exhausted, and the condition gradually deteriorates and worsens.

If the righteousness is exhausted, the evil spirits are monotonous, the physiological function of the body is weak, and the yin and yang are separated, the life activities of the body are also terminated and died.

  (5) Fine decay, gas consumption, and God-injury. The motherland believes that fineness is innate, and it is innate, the source of human life.

It is produced by the yin and the five organs are fine; the house is the house of the gods, the spirit is the spirit, the accumulation can be used to make the gods, and the gods can grow up forever; the maintenance of the gods is refined by the gods, and the gathering is strong and strong.The decline is weak, the gods are born, and the gods die.
You can live longer and concentrate.

Fine, qi, and god are the most precious things of the human body. The life of human beings originates from the essence, the maintenance of life depends on the qi, and the phenomenon of life is the god, called the “three treasures” of the human body.
Fine, qi, and God are interdependent, mutual resources, mutual use, and prosperity.

All doctors in the past thought that they were full of enthusiasm and qi, and that God is a guarantee of health; fine decay, gas consumption, and God’s injury are the root causes of aging.

Tao Hongjing’s collection of the early health literature “Nature Endowment Record”?

The teachings of the article say: “The nature of the gods and the birth of the gods, the shape of the people are also born, the use of the gods is exhausted, the shape of the big labor is embarrassing.

“It is also pointed out: “The Taoist, the gas is also good, the gas is the way, the way is long; the god, the fine, the essence is the god, the god is the longevity; the essence, the blood of the river, the bones of the bonesGod also.

The bones are dry and the bones are dead.

“It can be seen that the three elements of essence, vitality and sacredness are the most important material basis for human life activities. “There is temperament in the exquisiteness of the qi,” and “the evil is in the air, and its qi will be imaginary.” These descriptions of the ancients indicate whether the human body is weak or not.If you are not careful, you will be easily guilty of evil, and you will be sick and premature.

Paying attention to health and anti-decay can promote the mutual benefit of Jing, Qi and Shen, and achieve the effect of accumulating vitality, nourishing the gods, strengthening the spirit, and being less susceptible to disease.

Fine, tied to the kidney, can qi and sigh; gas, from the lungs, is the root of biochemistry; God, to the heart, the master of life, the essence of essence.

Precise, sturdy, and prosperous, can delay aging, health and longevity, and achieve “shape and spirit, and end the day.”

(“Su asked?

“The ancient naive theory”) exhaustion, venting, divorced, is the cause of premature aging.

Any internal or external factors that damage fineness, injury, and labor can accelerate aging and reduce life expectancy.

Gushen Baojing, Yangqi Shenshen can guarantee health and prolong life.

  (6) The disease and aging of the elderly began in middle and old age, and the incidence of many diseases has increased significantly, such as coronary heart disease, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, diabetes, stroke and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, tumors, etc.It is related to worsening the decline.

The motherland medicine believes that the occurrence of diseases in middle-aged and old people is mostly caused by physical weakness and weakening of disease resistance.

“Virtual” is especially prominent for middle-aged and elderly people. Therefore, one of the characteristics of common middle-aged and old-age diseases is “Zhengxu”.

Because the middle-aged and the elderly are lacking in qi, Yin can not be kept inside, Yang can not be kept outside, the ability to resist disease is weakened, and after suffering evil, often the old evil has not gone, the new evil has arrived.

The evil spirits can not be settled, the new evils, the old evils can not be separated from each other, so there are many people who have been sick for a long time and have many chronic diseases. Therefore, the disease is more serious in middle-aged and elderly patients.

In addition, due to physical weakness, the disease becomes more and more imaginary, and there is a disease everywhere and all diseases are everywhere. The whole body is visceral, qi and yin and yang are dysfunctional, the virtual and the real are mixed, the cold and the heat are staggered, and even multiple organs and multiple systemic lesions are formed.Another feature of geriatric disease.

In summary, the five internal organs are the root cause of human aging.

Positive deficiency is prone to aging, aging is prone to disease, and disease accelerates aging.

Therefore, the middle-aged and elderly people have a statement that “there is nothing but a wind and a candle, and it is easy to attack.”

Therefore, it is an important measure to resist the old and prolong life by eliminating disease and evil, actively preventing and treating diseases.

  This article from the old Chinese medicine health network expert group reproduced please indicate the source: old Chinese medicine health net health channel

Foot massage care gives us a strong body

Foot massage care gives us a strong body

Now many cities have begun to pay attention to the fitness of fitness programs, and cobblestone is just a beautiful scenic line of urban greening, and it can also become a sports place for many fitness enthusiasts.

People walk barefoot on pebbles, jog, jump, stand still, rub their feet, and so on. Through foot massage, they can help them heal shoulder pain, allergic rhinitis, chills, constipation, foot pain, joint pain, menstrual pain and other common problems.
  In addition to supporting the weight of the human body, our feet push the adjacent blood to the heart like a water pump, which makes the whole body smooth and promotes the health of the body, so the foot is replaced as the “second heart”.

Strengthening the health of the feet is an important part of having a good body.

  According to estimates, a person must walk more than 10,000 steps a day in order to facilitate the functioning of the feet. If you rarely move your feet all day long, it will even affect your foot tissues and your health.

Therefore, in addition to strengthening exercise in normal times, try not to take the elevator up and down stairs, go out and walk.

  Foot bath is a chronic and traditional way of fitness, especially when you soak your feet before bedtime.

Not only can the sweat and dirt on the feet be washed away, and fatigue can be eliminated, but the most important thing is that the disease can be cured.

Human feet have acupoints corresponding to the human internal organs, and there are more than sixty points below the sole joint.

In the process of foot bath, through continuous rubbing, it stimulates the acupuncture points on the feet, which can nourish vitality, strengthen the waist and strong tendons, and delay aging.

  In addition, performing foot massage can promote blood circulation and relax muscles.

Massage the soles of your feet to stimulate acupoints on your soles, which can promote blood circulation and benefit your health.

Foot massage can cure shoulder ache, allergic rhinitis, chills, constipation, foot pain, joint pain, menstrual pain and other common diseases; it can also be combined with massage while washing feet to prevent the effect of disease.

A folk prescription for bronchial hypertension

A folk prescription for bronchial hypertension

[Experiment 1]Ginger mixed, two-thirds of the amount of taro, peeled (not water) and ground into mud, add the same amount of flour as ginger, thick paste, stir well, just before bedtime, ginger powderPut it on a long cloth, or make it into a bag, and stick it to the dark color to sleep. Take it off the next morning for seven consecutive days, and you can cut the roots.

  [Experiment 2]Cut ginger one or two thinly, smash the stalk juice, three dollars with white mustard, add shochu to grind and paste, wrap the cotton ball with gauze and dip the medicine paste, and wipe the three acupoints of Feishu, vertebra and sacrum.

Each hole is wiped very moderately, with local thermal burning as the degree.

Or use two layers of gauze, cut to the size of a chess piece, and dip the medicine into these three acupoints for about an hour. Remove the pain.

  [Experiment 3]For acute bronchial tubes, take a bowl of tofu, two or two cups of sugar, half a glass of raw radish juice, mix and boil, and take twice a day. This method is effective for treating salty asthma and phlegm fire.

  [Experimental recipe 4]Stir-fry (deshelled) three to four dollars of white nuts, cook with water, add sugar or honey, and eat with soup.

  [Experimental Fifth]Hu Zizi leaves four money, Su Zi three money, ginkgo seven capsules, fried with water, served twice a day.

  [Experiment Six]One melon (peach squash), chopped and added equal amount of caramel (ie maltose), add water to a pottery pot, cook until extremely rotten, remove residue, re-cook the juice, concentrate and add ginger juice,(About one pound of melon juice plus two or two of ginger juice), take one spoon (about five dollars) a day, two to three times a day, boil water.

  [Experiment 7]For acute exacerbations of bronchitis, use chicken bitter bile two to four (one for children), take bile to dry, mix with sugar, take twice a day, and take five days as a course of treatment. This method also treats whooping cough.Spleen.

Eat longan red dates in the winter to nourish blood and warm up

Eat longan red dates in the winter to nourish blood and warm up

Longan is also called longan. The fruit is used for raw food or processed into dry products. The meat, kernel, skin and roots are used for medicinal purposes.

In the autumn and winter seasons, too many women are prone to cold hands and feet due to poor blood circulation in the extremities, and pale symptoms. At this time, eating longan properly can effectively replenish qi and blood, promote blood circulation, and improve cold hands and feet.

  Chinese medicine believes that longan can nourish the heart and spleen, nourish qi and blood, strengthen the spleen and stomach, and nourish muscles. It can assist in the treatment of spleen injury, dizziness, insomnia, palpitations, post-ill or postpartum weakness, and excessive blood loss due to spleen deficiencyWith equal probability, Li Shizhen said: “Longan Dabu”, “Ziyi benefits from longan.”

Longan fresh fruit has appetizers and spleen tonic effect.

Its processed products are ideal tonics for treating physical weakness, anemia, yellowing, neurasthenia, and postpartum blood loss.

Folks often use longan and Codonopsis decoction to treat qi and blood stasis. After taking parturition, mothers can take this decoction to replenish qi and blood and restore vitality. The elderly and the weak can often take this decoction to replenish qi and blood in the winter to resist wind and cold.Longan meat and red peanuts are often taken with decoction to treat anemia and weakness.

It is very suitable for people with neurasthenia, forgetfulness and low memory. At the same time, it is also effective for adjuvant treatment of anaemia patients caused by inadequate qi and blood in old age, postnatal women’s weakness, and malnutrition.

  Nutritionists have found that longan is rich in glucose, sucrose, and protein, and has a high iron content, which can increase heat energy and supplement nutrition while promoting hemoglobin regeneration, thereby achieving the effect of nourishing blood.

Studies have found that, in addition to its beneficial effects on the whole body, longan meat is particularly effective on brain cells, enhancing memory and eliminating fatigue.

  However, longan is a hot and humid food, and it is easy to stagnate gas. It is not suitable to eat when there is mildew and mildew.

There are phlegm or yin deficiency and fire, and those who have stopped drinking due to dampness; do not eat when the tongue is thick and greasy, suffocated, intestinal diarrhea, cold, cold, and indigestion; dry longan contains natural sugar.Early height, patients with diabetes should not eat; patients with diabetes sores, surgical iliac arthritis, women’s pelvic inflammatory disease, urethritis, menstrual period are also not eaten.

  Ingredients for longan wolfberry and red jujube tea: 25 red dates, 20 grams of wolfberry, 15 longan meat, brown sugar mode: 1, red dates, longan meat, and wolfberry wash.

  2. Add water to the pot, and add red dates, longan meat and wolfberry to the frying.

  3, after the red dates are softened.

  4. If you like sweet, you can add brown sugar according to personal taste and mix thoroughly.

Generally, it is not recommended to put sugar, and drink directly the sweetness of longan.

  5. Take while hot.

  Female friends who often drink longan wolfberry and red date tea have fair skin and good cosmetic results.

Do not add more medlars, just a few grains, red dates and longan are also 6?
8 capsules is enough, so that I can make myself a cup after work every morning.

It can also treat constipation, but people with thin stools should not add wolfberry.