Five-day weight loss recipes make you thinner and thinner

Five-day weight loss recipes make you thinner and thinner

Looking for nutrition-rich, detoxification and fat-reducing recipes to help you lose weight quickly and a healthy weight loss recipe?

Here is a weight-loss recipe for you from Monday to Friday. It is full of nutrition, and also has the effect of detoxification and fat removal, helping you to lose weight quickly and healthy at the same time!

  Eat for 5 days and you will have a good figure.

  Do you diet to lose weight?

No perseverance, take medicine to lose weight?

No courage.

Today’s crushes are demanding higher and higher standards, not only to lose weight, but also to eat and drink!

You must lose weight without hurting your body!

Indeed, weight loss is on the left, and health is on the right.

If you want to fully meet the requirements, the traditional power cannot be underestimated!

The following is a tailor-made 5-day Chinese medicine healthy weight loss menu tailored for you, letting you lose weight in the addictive tonic. The first day-end the weekend edema, create a new weather breakfast for the week: a bowl of rice porridge, lotus leaf cucumberOne serving, Chinese wolfberry 30 g flushed water for taking Chinese food: one red bean sticky rice (I have recorded it in the recipe), one plate of fried daylily fried pork dinner: pork belly lotus root soup (also refer to the recipe for the production method), one riceSmall bowl, 30 grams of wolfberry flushing. The first day of the meal is mainly to help you solve the edema problem after satisfying your appetite on the weekend. Not only can it reduce swelling and diuresis, it also has a good weight loss effect!

Moreover, the crushed eyebrows can be eaten frequently to create a rosy face.

  The second day-appetizing digestion, mood refreshing breakfast: 5 pieces of rhubarb slices before meals, a bowl of lean egg porridge Chinese food: octopus mung bean soup with lotus root (see recipe), a bowl of rice, 30 grams of wolfberryDinner: Fungus squid soup (see recipe for recipe), half a bowl of rice, and a cup of carrot juice. Today’s catering will help to open up the appetite of beauty girls, while enjoying the deliciousness, they will also lose weight. The more you eat, the more you lose weight.Enjoy thoroughly.

  Day 3-Super high fiber, let the built-in dance bar Breakfast: 2 spoons of warm boiling water, 2 pieces of sweet potato cake, mixed spinach for a Chinese meal: Poria tofu (see recipe for recipe), fine noodles for a dinner: pink konjacShreds (see recipe for recipe), a small bowl of pasta noodles, a glass of apple juice is not serious. Today’s menu, a variety of high-fiber and low-calorie foods are carefully counted, which will help our intermediates fully squirm.No matter how much you eat, you will not get fat, and you will feel pretty.

  Day 4-Detoxification and fat elimination, my body is my breakfast: green tea powder with some honey and warm water, a bowl of Chinese food for pumpkin porridge: weird kelp (refer to recipe), a bowl of glutinous rice, a glass of tomato juice for dinner:Rose jujube tea (see recipe for recipe), half a bowl of rice, a cup of apple juice on Thursday. Will it make everyone feel refreshed?

This detox meal will help you get rid of your belly and eliminate toxins. No one can stop you from becoming a refreshing beauty.

  Day 5-Warm your stomach and shape your body, create a healthy hotbed for breakfast: take 30 grams of Chinese wolfberry water, a bowl of black rice walnut porridge, a celery mixed with lily, a Chinese meal: safflower egg noodles (refer to recipe)A cup of herbal tea for dinner: Codonopsis medlar chicken soup (refer to the recipe for making method), a cup of herbal tea on Friday as the end meal, I hope to help everyone achieve balance and maintain our stomach well, after all, this is how we lose weightPower source.

7 techniques to stay old

7 tricks to stay old

When referring to Li Zi, everyone almost thinks of the word beauty. God is sometimes so unfair. When others are worrying about an extra crow’s feet, Li Zi never seems to care.

In fact, Li Zi ‘s exclusive anti-ageing tricks are revealed, and you will find that what is behind the glorious beauty is what we do n’t know. Do n’t underestimate these seven tricks. If you can also persevere, the age is actually simple!

  What kind of skin care secrets does Li Zi have? Let ‘s unveil them together today. In fact, these 7 so-called secrets look really bland, but if you can persist, you can really achieve the skin without age.

  Tip # 1: Eat only light foods. Eat more light foods, fruits and vegetables, supplement fiber and vitamin C, help cell repair, and avoid wrinkles.

Clearing heat and detoxifying is good for digestion of the stomach and intestines.

Eat refreshing, people naturally refreshed.

  Tip # 2: Carry a natural mineral spray with you. In addition to the usual daily maintenance, Li Zi will carry a moisturizing spray with him.

Moisturizing sprays are the most common type of spray.

They are usually composed of natural mineral springs or hot spring water, and contain large amounts of minerals and trace elements.

In addition to hydrating and moisturizing the skin anytime, anywhere, it can also adjust the skin’s water and oil balance, soothe skin pressure, resist allergies, and increase the skin’s natural protective function.

Spray on your body when you feel the surrounding air is dry.

It looks like the skin will be hydrated.

  Tip 3: The beauty of Li Zi, the four effective earthly beauty, is not complicated, such as exercising more, drinking more water, eating more vegetables, fruits, etc. Although these methods are very earthy, they are really effective.

  Li Zi is a well-known beauty in the entertainment industry. She ca n’t see she is a woman in Bensi. After exiting the entertainment industry, she has been taking care of her brother ‘s beauty salon business. She is always face-to-face and has the same beauty as a little girl.Petite face.

It is said that the paparazzi in Hong Kong photographed Li Zi on plain shopping for many times, which is almost the same as the usually well-decorated shape.

  Tip # 4: Sit-ups Li Zi said that she has always advocated simple maintenance methods. She insists on doing sit-ups 200-300 times a day: “In fact, the simplest methods of maintenance are the most useful, but of course you should eat some.Nutrition, some kind of vitamin C, but I never take some so-called supplements.

“Secretary No. 5: Bath Scrub,” she said, “I will do it seriously every night. I will make a bath scrub every night, and slowly rub it for about half an hour. After I finish, I will use the lotion seriously to myself.Get a massage.

“Secretary No. 6: Face and body should be protected from the sun. For Li Zi, she also has her own experience. She thinks that the most important thing is to change the shampoo. Because the hair has been adapted to a shampoo over time, it should be changed frequently.To meet the needs of hair in different periods, and even in winter, sun protection for hair is also very important: “Hong Kong has a lot of sun in winter. In fact, it is only necessary to protect the face and body from sun, and hair.Big.
“Secretary No. 7: An old idol in her heart said:” I like Audrey Hepburn very much. She has different beauty in different periods, calm temperament and full of vitality. Such beauty can last long.

DIY method to remove spots and unfortunate grains_1

Spotting your aunt’s DIY method

Many mm eyes have a little grain bulge, right?

These are the legendary aunt grains.

How to remove fecal particles?

Try the following methods.

  Drink a glass of lemonade on an empty stomach every morning.

  The specific method is this: slice the lemon into thin slices and make it as thin as possible.
Just put 2 tablets in a cup of boiling water.

  Seven economic small recipes to remove spots and pores: coping strategy 1: cucumber facial mask 1, put cucumber in a juicer and squeeze it into a small bowl.

  2. Then add egg whites, pearl powder, and moderate flour to make a paste, which will not flow down.

  3. Wash the face clean, apply the adjusted paste on the face, wash it after drying, apply skin toner, skin care products, 1-2 times a week.

  Coping Strategy 2: Chrysanthemum Beauty The chrysanthemum is rich in essential oils and chrysanthemum pigments, which can effectively inhibit the production of melanin and soften epidermal cells.

  Method 1: The chrysanthemum can be made into flower porridge for oral administration; Method 2: It can be mashed and mixed with egg white, and the surface can be whitened.

  Method 3: The chrysanthemum petals are implanted in the bottle, sealed with medical alcohol, and after 1 month, it is replaced with cold water twice, which has a whitening effect on the skin, especially for oily skin.

  Coping Strategy 3: Beer Skin Rejuvenation

Take a clean small bowl and pour in beer.

Dip the medicinal cotton yarn into the beer for about 3 minutes.


Remove the cotton gauze, twist it slightly, and apply it on the body to let the facial skin relax completely. Leave it on for about half an hour.


If the moisture in the cotton yarn is absorbed, you can apply it after soaking in the first two steps.

  Coping Strategy 4: Apply aloe vera juice to the face before going to bed at night, or add appropriate honey flour to the aloe juice to fill the mask and apply it on the surface.

After the launch, you will notice that the spots on the shells have faded a lot.

  Coping Strategy 5: Tea whitening Method 1: After washing your face, apply tea to a wooden board and pat your face gently.

  Method 2: Attach an absorbent cotton dipped in tea to the coat for 2-3 minutes, and then wash it with water to remove stains and whiten the skin.

  Tip: Sometimes the tea color of the shell cannot be washed off immediately, but it will disappear naturally after one night.

  Coping strategy 6: Tomato bright face mask Fan eggplant juice mask, just crush the fan eggplant to take juice, add a small amount of honey, and then add flour to make a paste to apply the surface.

  Coping Strategy 7: Potato Whitening Mask Potatoes are rich in vitamins, which can promote skin cell growth, maintain skin gloss, and bleach subcutaneous melanin, which can not only whiten and rejuvenate skin but also reduce summer sunburn.


The potatoes are washed, peeled and cut into pieces and put in a juicer to squeeze the juice.


In this container, pour a cup full of fresh milk and stir into the flour to make a paste, which can be used as a mask.


Apply to blacks and wash after 20 minutes.

How many diseases can Little Pomegranate cure?

How many diseases can Little Pomegranate cure?

Pomegranate is our most common fruit in autumn.

Many people like to eat pomegranates very much, but everyone may not know much about pomegranates can cure diseases. Let’s take a look at 11 secret recipes for folk pomegranates to cure diseases.

Pomegranate for hemorrhoids: calcined charcoal with pomegranate, grind into fine powder, add an appropriate amount of white sugar, mix well, take 6 servings with boiling water each time?
9 grams per day?
2 times.

Treatment of red eyes of wind and fire: 50 grams of fresh pomegranate leaves, wash, add 500 ml of water, fry to 250 ml, filter off the residue, wash or drip the eyes.

Deworming worms, tapeworms: Pomegranate skin, betel nut, etc., each time, 10 grams per serving (children should be reduced), twice daily for two days.

Treatment of bad breath: one pomegranate, peel and take seeds, smash and add decoction, after swallowing, take 3 doses daily.

Take the woman to take: pomegranate skin charcoal storage, research fine, fasting 3 times each time?
6 grams of syrup.

Treatment of nosebleeds: pomegranate flower or young leaves of pomegranate, knead into small nodule and insert into the nostril, 4?
6 times; or 40 grams of pomegranate skin, decoction.

Treatment of tonsillitis: take two fresh pomegranates, smash their seeds with meat, soak and filter with boiling water, rinse after cooling, 3?
5 times.

This prescription may cure stomatitis, laryngitis, and aphtha.

Treatment of blood in the stool: Grind the fine powder of pomegranate charcoal, add brown sugar and mix thoroughly, take 10 grams each time, 2?
3 times; or take an appropriate amount of pomegranate peel, fry and dry ground powder, 10 grams each time, 3 times a day, boil water to serve.
Treatment of neurodermatitis: fresh pomegranate skin dipped in alum powder, rubbing the affected area, 3?
5 times.

Kidney stones: pomegranate root bark, 30 grams of money grass, decoction.

Treatment of burns and scalds: moderate amount of pomegranate peel, grind finely, mix with sesame oil, apply to affected area.

Baby IQ and breast milk can be time dependent

Baby IQ and breast milk can be time dependent

According to research, the expected time of breast milk may be related to the baby’s IQ.

Medical experts at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology tested the IQ and motor skills of 345 13-month-old babies and retested when they were five.

Nearly two-thirds of these subjects had breast milk for at least six months, but 17% of them switched to feeding bottles when they were less than three months old.

The team, led by Dr. Torstein Vik, found that breastfeeding and motor skills are interrelated regardless of age.

But those babies who no longer breastfeed after three months of age may be hampered by their below-average mental and overall IQ performance by the age of 13 months and before the age of five, respectively.

This finding supports most physicians’ suggestions for “best breastfeeding.”

According to the research report, “We found that the length of breastfeeding and breastfeeding is positively related to mental development, even after adjusting for maternal age, education, IQ, and smoking during pregnancy.

“Our data support the hypothesis that complications during breastfeeding are beneficial for cognitive development.

“Make your baby smart: Many new mothers overcome, and some even think it can’t be done, and they are still under increasing pressure from health professionals and society to call for breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding special nutrients, hormones and antibodies, transfers the mother to the baby and protects the baby from disease infections, respiratory diseases and diarrhea.

Experts particularly recommend that mothers in developing countries breastfeed, because infants in those countries have a higher risk of dying if they do not drink breast milk three or four months before birth.

Fight against skin aging and make years _1

Fight against skin aging

As you get older, your skin becomes more gradual. How can you maintain youthful skin?

Therefore, anti-aging is a topic that will never be out of date in female topics.

So, how much do you know about aging?

Are you confident that your anti-aging measures are correct?

Take this opportunity to let Xiaobian teach you a few tricks.

  Some MMs believe that they are still young, causing anti-aging to begin so early.

Others believe that when you age a little bit, when should you start anti-aging?

  In fact, it doesn’t matter when it starts, as long as you indicate this, it can be said to be good times anytime.

  The cycle of skin metabolism is expected to be 28 days, and the best time is within 1 week after the physiological period.

This period is called the “golden ranking of skin care”. This stage is seriously distorted and stable. It is in a better state and the effect of care is easier to see.

  The easiest way to maintain beautiful skin is to keep your skin in top condition.

If you recover from poor skin, it will take longer and more time, and the effect is not good.

In order to save time, worry, effort and money, we still need to do a good job of prevention.

  Although anti-aging care does not pay attention to when it must be started, in fact, the key element of beautiful skin-estrogen will start to decrease after we are 20 years old, and the reduction rate is slower before 35 years old, but after 35Will drop sharply.

It can be said that the aging of the human body starts from this age.

  However, we don’t need to be nervous to stop this aging phenomenon. As long as we take good care of it and keep the skin in good condition, the beautiful skin still belongs to you.

  As mentioned earlier, some people worry that anti-aging prevention work will start too slowly. Similarly, some people worry that starting anti-aging care too early will cause damage to the skin.

In fact, this worry is absolute.

  Of course, our skin does need some experience, if it is over-protected, it will not be good for the skin.

For example, if your skin is already moisturized, you must continue to use highly moisturizing care products. This can easily cause the skin to become “overnourished” and grow aunt grains.

  Therefore, although some people think that anti-aging care should start as soon as possible, it is still a little too rash for a girl in her twenties to use anti-aging cosmetics.

And it’s not that the more advanced the product is, the better it is. Whether your skin can absorb it is the key.

  There are two types of wrinkles.

One is visible fine lines only on the surface of the skin, and the other is deeper wrinkles formed by cracking the dermis.

The problem of fine lines is easier to solve, but if you have deep wrinkles, it is difficult to restore the original state by self-care alone.

  Time, there will be no wrinkles of cracks in the dermis in the age group of 20 or 30 years old, but you must pay attention to maintenance at all times. There are many kinds of pollution in modern times. Maybe wrinkles will appear on your body one day.
  If you have wrinkles, don’t worry too much. It is the most important body care to eliminate wrinkles.

  First of all, you can rely on eating more green and yellow fruits and vegetables and animal protein to supplement nutrients and maintain the balance of body nutrients.

In addition, eat more tofu with soy isoflavones, and pomegranates, which usually have estrogen-like functional ingredients, help to regulate and balance female hormones; and pay attention to the skin’s moisturization, daily basic moisturizing courses are absolutely essential;Another thing is to develop a regular lifestyle, don’t stay up late, and less on computers.

  Massage wrinkle does work well.

But if the massage method is not correct, it may not be wrinkle or wrinkle.

The correct massage method should pay attention to the following points: 1.

Apply cream or lotion on the face before starting massage 2.

Avoid excessive force3.

To reduce the facial tendon or blood lymph flow direction, massage the massage method (slowly massage each part for about 5 seconds) Estee Lauder Miracle Wrinkle Anti-Wrinkle Serum is tested by dermatologists and ophthalmologists and is suitable for all skin typesCauses acne to form.

  Magnolia Oil Rejuvenating Gold Pure Skin Renewing Milk contains OLAY’s proprietary anti-aging gold pure new life combination-the highest concentration of amino acid peptide complex + hyaluronic acid, and adds precious marine proteins.

Special creamy oil, deeply moisturizing, refreshing and non-greasy.

If you want happiness, get used to your man

If you want happiness, get used to your man

You are accustomed to showing him love, and he will give you a perfect score in his heart.

  I do n’t remember which article contains the sentence “woman is used to hurt”, so in most male and female relationships, women put themselves in the role of a little bird, waiting for men to hurtLove, a little careless place will be sulking with her boyfriend, and even punish him in extreme ways.

As everyone knows, men who work hard outside all day long and deal with many problems are already very hard. When they return to love, they also have to be strong in front of the loved one, take care of them, give, and love you is also very tired.

In fact, men need love more than women.

If you love him, try to get used to him.

  When a man with exquisite packaging goes out in a spirited manner, in the workplace, he is full of words, clever words, smiles and copes with friends and relatives, then there must be a woman who loves him behind him.

  No matter how strong he is, he is still a child in his bones, and they also have a weak side.

When he is under work pressure, when he wants to be lazy and capricious, you will not prevent him from giving him a little space; let him be capricious and coquettish once; accompany him to go crazy once; treat him like his own child, giveHe found his favorite food and made him a kid.

Don’t hesitate even if he likes to eat candy.

  When he calmed down, he put him in his arms, whispered in his ear, and told him how much he loved him.

  Men are face-saving, and there is a convention of dead ducks.

When he does something wrong, don’t criticize him, accuse him, smile in his heart, and give him a step on the surface.

When he knows he is wrong, he will know Entu.

When you treat him as a lover, lover, brother, friend, father, child, it is his warmest thing.

  If you love him, don’t burden him.

In the face of some life ordeal, you can’t overcome his incompetence, you can’t blame him for his mistakes, even come forward and stand in front of him.

You are accustomed to showing him love, and he will give you a perfect score in his heart.
  When you fall in love with a man, be bold and confess it to him.

It is a thing of the last century for a woman who holds it to get happiness.

The present era no longer cares about who takes the initiative, as long as it is love, as long as it is in love.

Men are also very vain, and when you show your love to him, they will be super confident.

Happiness will reach its peak.

  Men are lazy and stupid, they are not willing to use words to express their love for you.

Although he loves you, he doesn’t try his best to please you.

At this time, all you can do is to treat him with a bag of hearts, continue to follow him as always, and give him love and warmth.

  Men are also smart, and when you get used to him, he will understand how you love him.

Correctly grasp the milk intake of the newborn

Correctly grasp the milk intake of the newborn

Core tip: When a new mother starts to feed, the baby sucks again, and the time to actually swallow milk is generally shorter.

  One of the biggest shortcomings of breastfeeding is not knowing how much milk your baby eats, whether your baby is eating too much or not enough.

  Some mothers use their baby’s milk time to approximate the amount of milk the baby eats. Many doctors and nurses also teach this, but sometimes the baby is sucking dry and does not swallow milk. These dry times are important for judging.It’s useless for your baby to eat a lot of milk, but what is really useful is to watch how long your baby swallows.

  For example, the baby sucked for two minutes at first, let him lie down a little, the baby began to swallow milk, swallowed one mouthful, two minutes later, two swallows, and one minute later, three or four swallows.

Then, the baby continued to suck for three minutes, let him lie down again, and let the baby swallow for two minutes.

In this way, the baby sucks in the mother’s arms for a total of more than ten minutes, and the real swallowing milk is only five or six minutes.

  When a new mother begins to breastfeed, the baby sucks continuously, and the time to truly swallow milk is generally shorter.

Therefore, don’t mistake your baby for a long time because you have nipples for a long time.

With each feeding, the baby swallows the milk for ten minutes (three or four times during which the baby lay down to swallow the milk), and the baby generally eats well.

  If your baby is still hungry, you should let your baby continue to eat.

  If your baby vomits his nipples during swallowing, it may be that the baby is tired, so let him breathe before he can eat.

  If the baby sucks dry and spit it out when swallowing rarely, it usually means that the baby is full or needs to pat.

At this time, if the breast is soft to the touch, it means that it is clear.

  If it is larger and firmer than when no milk is available, it means that the baby with breast cancer on this side has not yet eaten it. The next time you breastfeed, the breast on this side must be fed to the baby first, and even if the other side is milked, it is the mostSo eat the unfinished milk here first.

Husband’s female colleague is warmer than me in bed

Husband’s female colleague is warmer than me in bed

Interviewed: Tian Rui Occupation: Administrative staff that day, at the address Tian Rui told me, after two trips, I came to the door of a community.

A beautiful woman stood there looking out.

  After seeing me, she immediately greeted her and said, “I’m really sorry. If it wasn’t for the child’s sudden change of drawing time, let’s go to a close place and run so far on a cold day. Come in.

  He pointed his finger at the balcony of her house and said that my house is on the second floor.

Through the glass I saw three or two pots of green plants on the windowsill.

  Tian Rui’s family is small, one room and one living room.

Without being deliberately renovated, she manifests her deft intentions everywhere.

All the curtains are small floral patterns, and she sewed them stitch by stitch.

  A small Christmas tree is placed on the writing table under the window, and the colorful light bulbs are sparkling, which is very festive.

  Tian Rui said with a smile, that was what my daughter asked me to buy.

After buying it, she decorated it for a long time alone.

Knowing that an aunt is coming to the house today, he made me light up.

She waited for everyone to see her work.

  My sight stayed on a magnified photo of the wooden board, almost taking up the replacement wall.

In the photo, she and her daughter are standing among the blooming spring flowers, and her daughter is whispering into her ear.

  Tian Rui said that it was taken by the child’s father in the park a few years ago.

She liked the photo so much that it was hung on a wooden board after being enlarged.

This photo shows me the happy times this family once had.

The child’s father should be what Tian Rui said on the phone, the man she couldn’t hate.

  Only when people have experienced certain things can they know that everything will change.

Just like me, I never believed that my marriage would go wrong, but the problem went wrong.

Tian Rui withdrew several albums from high blood pressure, and she took out one of them. The suede on the surface of the album was a little bald.

  Opening the title page, I saw the above: Congratulations to Wu for winning the second prize in the speech contest.

Then Tian Rui pointed to a boy and said to me, he is Wu, the child’s father.

I saw a young, handsome face, and I didn’t know why I was laughing.

  Wu and I are college classmates. We started dating when we were in the second year of college. At that time, he just broke up with a girl from the south and was very distressed.

  We are both cadres of the class. A lot of things in the class are done by the two of us, some sort of organizing an event or buying a prize.

  Sometimes he’s suddenly depressed, so I tell him a joke to make him happy.

Just like this, he slowly fell in love with me.

The boys in our class were horribly jealous of Wu, saying that he had “occupied” the two most beautiful girls in the class.

  The next college time is the happiest day for both of us.

He treats me very well, and he likes the things I like to eat and play.

  I like to eat lychee. He ran to the morning market early in the morning to buy it, and then stood downstairs waiting for me.

I am really touched.

You know, his nickname in the class is “not enough sleep.”

  In junior year, my mother asked me to take him home to see.

You do n’t believe it. The prospective son-in-law came to see his mother-in-law on the first day, so why not dress up?

He was lying upright, wearing a military yellow cotton jacket, with a button off and twisting the wire.As soon as I opened the door and saw his dress, I was so angry that I didn’t know what to say.

  He didn’t care, he said hello to my mother generously.

He also did a good job at dinner. He was never frightened, and the more people he became, the more he became more active.

After going out, I asked him how to dress like this so that he dared to come to my house. He said nothing about it. Your mother was looking at me, not the clothes she wore.

  After graduating from university, he was assigned to work in a cultural unit, and I went to a state-owned enterprise as an administrative staff.

We both discussed saving some money before getting married, so don’t put too much burden on both parents, because we are the bosses at home, and we have brothers and sisters below.

  Two years later, we had a wedding.

Wu has never advocated having children, and he finds raising children too troublesome.

Later I was pregnant for the second time, and my health was not good, so I stayed.

  Don’t look at him saying that he doesn’t want a child, but his daughter was so happy that he couldn’t even close his mouth.

She even looked at the shit pulled by her daughter for a long time, and said, this is what our kids pull?

  Wu knows his children very well and is a qualified father.

He has always been considerate to me from getting married to having children.

My unit is far away from home, and I ‘m tired from commuting to work every day. He took all the housework from marriage to divorce. It ‘s been about ten years.

  His sister said to me, my brother can’t see you for a while, so he will look for you.

I’ll get married in the future, and it’s enough to find a man like my brother.

  Tian Rui embedded her fond memories of the past, then she shook her head gently, and gave out a helpless sigh.

  She said that for many years, now it looks like yesterday.

At this time, the phone rang.

I heard her say, um, that’s fine . I have a guest here, let’s do it first.

  After talking, I hung up.

She told me that the call was from Wu.

His daughter was a little uncomfortable yesterday. He asked how was it.

  I never expected that divorce would happen to me, and it was still the most trivial kind. My husband had an affair.

  After giving birth to a child, my work has not been smooth, and there is a place in the bureau. I want to be transferred to the bureau, and I discuss it with Wu to let him find someone to think of a way.

Next door, I asked him if he was looking for someone. What happened?

  He always said to wait and hold on.

The matter was dragged on for several months. Seeing that the quota in the bureau had made others take the lead, for this matter, I was so angry with him that I had said a lot of hurtful things.

  Now think about it, I was putting too much pressure on him, he was just a literati, and his personality was not good at welcoming horses.

But when people are angry, why think so much?

  Later, my brother got married, and my mother tenderly expressed my difficulties at home. I heard it, which meant that I was paying more.

Just this little brother, just go out.

  But we did n’t have any money at that time, so I asked Wu to borrow from a friend. He did n’t want to say that he did n’t open his mouth.

I said you can’t be a little helpless about our family.

I can’t do my job. I can always borrow some money.

He didn’t speak, picked up the remote and changed channels.

  Before these things, I always admired Wu deeply. Looking at his perspective was looking up, but later he could n’t do anything. I just read books and talked with a group of literati friends. I think about himThere have been changes.

  He is a very sensitive person, he doesn’t say anything, but he knows it well.

At that time, my mood was particularly bad, and even the sound of his eating was offensive.

Later, he borrowed thousands of dollars from his mother.I think the cracks between us should have existed at that time.

  One day, my sister called and told me that she saw Wu across the road and called him, but he didn’t hear it.

  She described to me that her brother-in-law was riding a bicycle to pick up the child, and the whole person seemed to glow with joy as if he had a second life.

  He had just returned from a business trip.

When I heard my sister say, I had a bad feeling in my heart, and I didn’t even know what kind of feeling it was, but I felt very upset.

  It turns out that he had an affair with a woman in the same office during that business trip.

The woman was enthusiastic. Her husband was a soldier and he was away from home for many years.

And my health has not been good. He has rarely been satisfied with sex.

  Their relationship developed very quickly and enthusiastically. I found in his pocket a letter that the woman wrote to him, and she gave him an idea, how could we divorce the two of us.

  I began to live and die and quickly lost weight.

He felt sorry for me and could be controlled by that woman again.

  He had already moved out and lived there. One day, he came back to get his clothes. At that time, his daughter was less than three years old and he was stopped at the door to let him go.

  He even fooled his daughter and refused to stay with the child for a minute. After he left, his daughter was crying sadly in my arms.

  We left in the end and he jumped off the building and tried to beat me.

I know he won’t really jump off the building, but I’m still afraid of something unexpected. I don’t want to feel guilty for life.

  I thought I would not love anymore, but the appearance of the old iron made my feelings suspicious again.

I thought that he would go hand in hand with him in the second half of my life, but he did not expect that he would leave me first and divorce. After that, I lived with my daughter alone.

I left my original workplace and moved to a new business.

  Later, a good friend introduced me to an object, an engineer named Lao Tie, one year older than me, but no children.

  We met at a friend’s house. The first impression he gave me was average, and he impressed me very well.

My friends polished my mind, and I had to look around with him and talk about it.

  Lao Tie was very active and often called me and asked for warmth.

At the beginning I was out of politeness, I was really embarrassed to pick up the phone and put it down.

  After a long time, if he didn’t call, he always felt like something was missing.

In the relationship, I learned the reason for his divorce.

  His wife’s character is very irritable, and several times because of family chores, he even got into his unit, making him very upset in the unit.

  Because he couldn’t be born, his wife became a lot of doubts. If he said one more word to the woman, he would not find him happy.

In the end he couldn’t bear it and divorced his wife.

  Lao Tie loves children and often buys small gifts for my daughter.

At first his daughter was cold to him, but he was very patient, accompanied her to look at her, and played with her. Slowly, her daughter’s attitude towards him also changed a lot.

Whenever something happened, I said, ask Uncle Tie for help.

  After we spent almost a year, he told his mother about our two.

I went to his house once, and his mother looked at me with critical eyes, which made me very uncomfortable.

  Later, I learned that his mother thought that I was carrying a child, and she wanted the old iron to find a younger one and give birth to the old iron.

Lao Tie kept comforting me and said, it’s all right, I like who is my business, she can’t control it.

  I rely more and more on old iron.

Every night we will talk on the phone and talk about something unpleasant in the unit.

  He is particularly enlightening, and analyzes things very well.

Whatever happened later, I would ask him to help me get an idea.

  Once, the child was at the grandmother’s house, and I had a meal with a colleague. I came home late, and someone almost snatched the bag at the door.  When I got home, I was shocked. When I called Lao Tie, my hands kept trembling.

As soon as Lao Tie heard my voice, he knew something was happening and asked me what happened.

  I told him just now.

He said, you wait, I’ll go right away.

I said no, you are so far away so late, I will be fine after a while.

He said no, let me wait for him at home.

  Half an hour later, he appeared in front of me, held me in his arms, coaxed me like a child, and I was very wronged and wept.

He coaxed me for a long time, warmed me up and washed my feet, and checked all the pins of the windows and doors before leaving.

  One day after each month, Lao Tie came to my house and told me that he wanted to work in Japan, and his brother was over there.

Because he has the skills, he wants to earn more money there, which saves me so hard to work.

  He asked me to agree or disagree, and if he did not agree, he would not go.

I actually didn’t want him to leave me, but I nodded at the look of his longing look.

  The law on going abroad went smoothly. The day he left, I didn’t go to the airport to see him because his mother was going.

  When he arrived in Japan, he called me every two days.

He said a year would soon pass.

When he earns money, he buys a house and a car for me to live the happiest life.

  We are always in touch.

Six months have passed.

One day, I suddenly thought that the old iron hadn’t called for several days. I thought maybe he was busy.

  Waited another week and still didn’t have his phone.

I don’t think so, but I don’t know his phone number over there.

After thinking for a long time, I had to ask our introducer to go to his house to ask what was going on.

  When my friend came back, I saw that her face wasn’t right, and I knew something was wrong.

I asked what happened to the old iron, and she sat there silently.

  I said that you wanted to die to me, what happened to the old iron.

My friend looked at my face and said, you need to be mentally prepared.

She paused and said, Lao Tie, he had not been rescued in Japan because of a heart attack, and no one was there.

After hearing this, I felt like my heart was violently plucked, and it hurt me to paralyze the ground.

  I lay in bed for more than a week.

I don’t understand why God is so cruel to me.

As soon as I was confident in life, it made all this disappear from my eyes.

  I wanted to take another look at him, even if it was a photo, but we found that we didn’t even have a photo.

I think he sent my sweater to cry, but good people think it will be gone without it?

  It has been more than a year since this time last year, I knew that the old iron had left me.

The departure of Lao Tie made me feel particularly tired and helpless.

I passed a video store that day, and heard a song, a female voice sang: I think I will always be so lonely in my life, I think I will be lonely and lonely in my life . I bought this disc and came back to listen repeatedly,Because this song is what I feel in my heart.

Delicious chocolate to prevent 7 diseases

Delicious chocolate to prevent 7 diseases

The delicious chocolate that you eat in your life can prevent 7 kinds of diseases. The main raw material of chocolate is cocoa beans. It originated very early, starting with the last emperor Meng Mengru of the Astica dynasty in Mexico.Society, like to add pepper, pepper, vanilla beans and spices in the drink, foam, and drink 50cc a day in a gold cup, is a member of the court.

  The anti-disease effect of chocolate mentioned below: reduce diarrhea: the cocoa content of dark chocolate is from 50%?
90%, cocoa is a polyphenolic component of flavonoids, which can inhibit the absorption of internal proteins, chloride ions and water, thereby reducing water loss and preventing dehydration due to diarrhea.

  Stabilizing blood sugar: It has been reported that a study in Italy found that healthy people eat dark chocolate for 15 consecutive days, 100 grams per day, and the sensitivity to insulin is improved.

Doctors estimate that dark chocolate may help some people with diabetes.

The latest study has not found that the flavanols in dark chocolate can inhibit blood sugar.

  Preventing colds: Studies at the University of London show that the sweet smell of chocolate can reduce the chance of catching a cold.

Theobromine contained in chocolate is good for the health of the nervous system, and the antitussive effect is better than ordinary cold medicine.

  Relieve stress: Chocolate can raise the level of a chemical called “celotonin” in the brain.

It can bring a feeling of tranquility, better eliminate tension and reduce the role of stress relief.

  Preventing Stroke: Researchers at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine found that dark chocolate contains a compound that can cause stroke in patients.

Reduce the degree of brain damage within 5 hours.

The researchers said that eating a chocolate a week can reduce the risk of stroke by 22%.

  Lowering blood pressure: A survey of 44 healthy adults by German researchers showed that dark chocolate with a dose of no more than 30 calories per day decreased by an average of 2 after 18 weeks.

9 mm Hg.

However, white chocolate and excessive consumption of chocolate do not have this effect.

  Beneficial Heart: Dark chocolate contains a natural antioxidant flavonoid, which can prevent blood vessels from hardening, increase myocardial vitality, relax muscles, prevent accumulation in blood vessels, and have certain effects on cardiovascular diseases.